Project Based Learning

THESE WOBURN TEACHERS recently attended a three-day conference in Worcester on Project Based Learning including (l-r) Mrs. Gillis, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs Gustenhoven, Mrs. Young and Mrs. Thifault

WOBURN - Woburn Memorial High School has recently been selected into the second cohort of the Massachusetts School Leader Network. The application process was initiated by Mrs. Kim Gustenhoven. The process involved a competitive application and interview that demonstrated Woburn’s commitment to shifting the instructional culture to project-based learning in our school to meet the needs of our changing student population.

Project-based learning is a teaching method that will move our pedagogy from “stand and deliver” to student-centered learning. Students will investigate a complex question, engage in higher-order thinking, and be challenged to find a real-world solution to a problem or question.

PBLWorks will provide the entire high school teaching staff with professional development to help teachers do PBL well throughout the next two years. In addition, PBLWorks has created a comprehensive, research-based model to help teachers and schools improve their practice. The goal is to create change in our instructional culture, not participate in an “educational fad” that will not be remembered or practiced.

Woburn Public School Curriculum leadership team members recently attended a three day conference at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA on Project Based Learning. Our Woburn Memorial High School teachers will begin training in June. The goal is to develop our skills and collaborate around implementing PBL in our classrooms so that students will succeed in post-secondary college and careers. Leadership members who attended were:

- Mrs. Abby Gillis, 6-12 ELA Curriculum Coordinator,

- Mrs. Erin Johnson, K-12 English Learner and World Language Coordinator,

- Mrs. Susan Thifault, K-12 Visual and Performing arts Curriculum Coordinator,

- Mrs. Kim Gustenhoven,6-12 Science Curriculum Coordinator, and

- Mrs. Courtney Young, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction.

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