WOBURN - The percentage of residents testing positive for COVID-19 fell to its lowest level since the beginning of November, according to a community-level outbreak report released yesterday.

Per the Mass. Department of Public Health (DPH), which releases data on COVID-19 transmission indicators every Thursday, key metrics tracked by the state agency dropped in Woburn for the sixth consecutive week.

With the city retaining its "yellow" or moderate level risk classification, yesterday's report, which covers a two-week period between Jan. 31 and Feb. 13, showed Woburn's average daily case incidence rate dropping by nine points from a 33.5 to a 24.8.

Comparing new infections over a 14-day period to population size, the case incidence rate data has along with test positivity rates been considered by DPH as the most important statistics to consider when ranking the severity of community level disease outbreaks.

After peaking on Jan. 14 at 91.9, Woburn's case incidence rate has now plummeted to its lowest level since November 11. Just as importantly, the city's case positivity rate — or the percentage of Woburnites testing positive for COVID-19 — dropped to its lowest value since Nov. 5 with a 2.76 percent rate.

At the height of the second surge in COVID-19 infections several weeks ago, Woburn's case positivity rate peaked at 9.51 percent.

The steady decline in the severity of the community's second case outbreak comes as city and state officials are looking to pivot additional resources towards vaccination efforts.

In fact, yesterday, Mass. Governor Charles Baker announced that beginning today, all citizens aged 65 and older are now eligible to book appointments for one of the two experimental vaccines that are now being administered in the United States. Baker's revised order also applies to any person who has two or more chronic medical conditions.

Presently, the state is struggling to find enough vaccine supply to keep up with patient demands.

According to Baker, the state is currently receiving about 110,000 vaccine does from the federal government on a weekly basis, and based upon those numbers, it will likely take close to a month to make the immunizations available to the latest group of eligible citizens.

Today alone, according to state authorities, nearly 70,000 vaccination appointments are scheduled at mass vaccination sites that are located across Massachusetts, including at the Double Tree Hotel in Danvers.

Those hoping to schedule an appointment, which are primarily being booked online, should type www.mass.gov/COVIDvaccine or https://vaxfinder.mass.gov into a web browser.

To date, 3,581 Woburn residents have tested positive for the SARS-Cov-2 virus that causes COVID-19 infections. According to the latest DPH figures, there are 144 city residents who are isolating at home after recently testing positive for the virus.

Another 20 residents recently discovered that they contracted the viral infection, but their cases are not considered infectious.

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