WOBURN - After previously criticizing the special permit application as being scant on details, the City Council last night okayed two Stoneham brothers' plans to relocate their fleet of landscaping trucks to a Breed Avenue warehouse.

In a discussion that went much better than their introductory meeting with the aldermen in early June, the two Stoneham natives on Tuesday explained they were looking to park a maximum of 25 vehicles in the parking area of 3 Breed Ave., a half-acre parcel that formerly housed Pro Equipment.

The council, meeting in person in City Hall, quickly sanctioned the special permit request to allow for the overnight parking of commercial vehicles in an unanimous vote. Several conditions were attached to the approval, including:

• That a maximum of 25 trucks can be left overnight on the site;

• That a snow removal plan and parking layout plan must be filed with the building department;

• That the business shall be limited to operations between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.;

• That all landscaping vehicles must be registered within the City of Woburn.

The Cassidy Landscaping proprietors currently reside in Wakefield, but have long enjoyed a stellar business reputation in their native Stoneham, where they have for years now donated the labor and materials needed to erect an outdoor skating rink on the Town Common.

According to Ryan Cassidy, he and his brother recently secured a lease for the former equipment rental facility at Breed Avenue, which is situated in North Woburn off of Route 38 near the old city landfill. The landscaping firm is using the property solely for the purpose of parking trucks, which will be utilized on a daily basis by employees.

Though not planning on using the warehouse building itself for storage, the company representatives made clear they will be the exclusive tenants on the site.

"I hope you've gotten what you needed. I marked out the site map from our landlord," said Ryan Cassidy last night. "I've also enclosed a snow plan for the right hand corner by the street. There's a culvert there, so it will allow melting."

Earlier this month, Patrick Cassidy, believing the special permit process would be a mere formality given the request involved an industrial business lot, got an earful from the council about a myriad of missing details and paperwork around the overnight parking proposal.

At the time, Cassidy pointed out that the business owners, who could park whatever vehicles they wanted to at the site during the daytime, were simply looking for permission to leave those same landscaping trucks there overnight.

"We're just looking for overnight parking, not for permission to stage materials or anything like that. There's an abidance of parking spaces there. There's definitely over 20," he said.

Ward 2 Alderman Richard Gately, assuring the petitioners that he considers the requested overnight parking use as more than reasonable, told the landscaping company owners that they nonetheless had to comply with the city's submission protocols.

"I don't know if you're new to the rules and regulations of the City Council, but we'd like to at least see a plan. It's a plan that shows where your parking all these vehicles, where your [storing snow], your hours of operation, and whether you're staging materials," he explained.

"We have nothing to look at but an empty piece of paper. We can't just accept your word that they're 20 spaces in there. I'm not trying to be a herk, but we have to see these things," Gately continued. "I have no issue with the use. I just want to get the details down."

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