WOBURN - The Cask ‘n Flagon Woburn in East Woburn at the old Waxy O’Connor’s site is no more.

The three-member Woburn License Commission heard a long-lament from Cask ’n Flagon co-owner Dana Van Fleet at their last meeting and called back the liquor license at a public hearing.

In an unpredictable fashion, Van Fleet described the frustration in getting the business buy-out of “Waxy’’s“ which ended with him siding with the License Commission on the pull-back of the license.

“We just couldn’t do it,” chimed Van Fleet. “In my 30 years, we have stuck to it and have done it. But not this time. “

Fleet had nothing but high compliments for the Woburn License Commission and their patience throughout the process. He also said the process had cost him $120,000.

The problem, reported , Van Fleet, came from a disagreement between the co- owners of the property and holders of the liquor license.

“Woburn has been great,” Van Fleet exclaimed, promising perhaps to do something else in Woburn.

The site is located off Montvale Avenue (opposite McDonald’s) at I-93 near the Stoneham line. Representing the Best Western Plus New Englander, the landlord, at previous public hearings in December was Ashok Patel of Lexington, a co-owner of Amisha LLC.

The License Commission in turn has asked him to come to the June 16th meeting to hand in the license.

In firm tones, Chairman Thomas Skeffington shouted, “Give it to us!”

The technical name of Cask ’n Flagon and the petition is for Northeast Woburn LLC dba Cask ’n Flagon, 804 Plain Street Marshfield.

In Woburn, the holder of the liquor license does not own the license to sell as the City of Woburn maintains the non-use of the license meaning the liquor license reverts to the City of Woburn. And, they have reminded the Waxy O’Connor’s attorney and owners a “pocket license” is not acceptable.

The license is technically in the name of Amisha II, dba Waxy O’Connor’s, who have been at a continuous hearing since September 19th when the License Commissioners first heard the current lament on its closing before the summer of 2019.

Van Fleet said at a mid-December 2019 meeting that he expected to be open in “May or June.”

Back in October 2019, Attorney Michael Milazzo of New Haven, Connecticut for Waxy’s appeared again before the License Commission to explain the long and arduous process of negotiating a lease with the new firm and the complications arising with the common victualers license and liquor license. Most hurdles, however, seemed to be overcome by December but did not come about on the business side of things.

Locally, residents have become familiar with the Cask ’n Flagon on their visits to Fenway Park and Kenmore Square. The restaurant/tavern is at a critical “V” in the road just beneath the Green Monster in Brookline and Landsdowne Streets. It was originally Oliver’s some 40 years ago. There is also a second location in Marshfield. It began at the Fenway Park location in 1969.

A second generation of owners is also in charge of the restaurant/tavern operations. The two locations have gotten to be known as “Cask Boston” and “Cask Marshfield.”

According to the owners, a “cask” is “a sturdy cylindrical container for storing liquids i.e. a barrel.” And, a “flagon” is a large vessel with a handle, spout and often a lid, used for holding beer and other liquids.

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