STATE POLICE search the School Street area of North Woburn Monday morning looking for the weapon believed used in a murder outside of Jake N Joe's Saturday night.

WOBURN - Authorities say two out-of-towners murdered a 26-year-old restaurant patron as he sat in his car on Saturday night at the crowded Jake n JOES Sports Grille off of Mishawum Road.

Plymouth resident Pauliasky Jean Francois, 34, and 29-year-old Eric Mills of Hyde Park will both appear in Woburn District Court this morning to be arraigned for murder and a handful of other criminal charges that include:

• Unlawful possession of a firearm;

• Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon;

• And assault with a dangerous weapon.

Investigators are currently not explaining a motive for the deadly incident on Saturday night, when both suspects allegedly fired as many as 20 rounds at the victim, who had apparently just finished dining with an unidentified party.

During a press conference on Sunday, Woburn Police Chief Robert Rufo suggested both suspects, who were apparently waiting outside the eatery for the victim to exit, were drawn to the city to commit the violent crime by happenstance — the popular sports bar was a convenient location for both Borgella and his dinner guest to meet.

"There is no danger to the community," insisted the police chief. "Their roots are primarily from around Boston, and I guess [Jake n] JOES was a convenient location for the party the victim met."

"Jake N Joe's was fairly busy last night with a lot of people coming and going, waiting for tables and that sort of thing…This is obviously the kind of thing that is terrifying," later remarked Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan, sympathizing with terrified bystanders who were witness to the reckless act of violence.

At approximately 9 p.m. on Saturday, 911 dispatchers in the city fielded multiple calls about an active shooting by the sports bar at 230 Mishawum Rd., where authorities found Roslindale's Lloyd Borgella critically injured with multiple gunshot wounds.

Borgella later died after being rushed to an area medical facility for treatment.

During Sunday's press conference, Rufo and Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan revealed the two suspects crashed their getaway car along New Boston Street shortly after recklessly spraying a cloud of bullets around the restaurant parking lot.

Both men were later detained near the vicinity of I-95 during a search by area police, who as of early Sunday were reportedly still searching the vicinity of New Boston Street for any weapons and other evidence that may have been tossed by the suspects.

According to the district attorney, an autopsy conducted by the medical examiner's office over the weekend concluded that the 26-year-old victim sustained devastating injuries after being shot 10 times.

"When we had this incident with Mr. Borgella, there were an excess of 10 shots fired (near the front of the restaurant) , illustrating once again the danger posed by handguns,” she said.

According to reporting from the Associated Press, as of Monday morning, it was unclear as to whether the two murder suspects had retained an attorney to represent them at today's arraignment.

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Did you ask if they found the gun?

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