WOBURN - The state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission has finally made it official: the population of Woburn is 40,000-plus and the city is eligible for another package store.

The figures are no surprise to Woburn city officials, especially in the mayor’s office, city clerk’s office and with the three-member License Commission.

Now, the question is the process of accepting applications for this highly-valued license with many questions being raised, like when are applications being accepted, who is the best to hold such a license, and where should the store be located.

The License Commission at their last regular meeting in recent days noted there is no rush to award the license and to give people a fair chance to land it.

In recent days, a letter from the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission made the License Commission agenda as the #4 item noting a “Communication from ABCC regarding liquor license quota based on 2020 U.S. Census.” The City Clerk’s office has the Woburn population since 2019 at 40,304 but making it all official was of the utmost importance.

“We must go by the laws of Massachusetts,” noted Chairman Thomas Skeffington, as he read the paperwork from the ABCC.

The city, added Skeffington, was aware of the increase (by 900-people) and said the city already has applicants and inquiries.

“We will decide,” he said firmly, “and we will use the highest standard of the community.”

Skeffington was cautious and said outright, “we don’t have to (award the license to anyone).”

He said his suggestion would be to start to have applicants applying and for the community to take its time.

Already, several weeks ago, Liquor Market Inc. dba Liquor Market, at 375 Main St., came forward with an application for the new package store license. And, after a short presentation by the proponent’s spokesperson, the agenda item was received and placed on file.

In turn, other License Commission members like David Gilgun and William Pappalardo agreed to place it on file and to encourage others to submit applications for the license.

The Liquor Market, said the petitioner, has already done some build-up to get ready for a package store license.

Gilgun said, “What we want to do is to get it right.”

The question of the age of the owner being under 21 was also brought forth.

The petitioner at 395 Main St. said they would be forthcoming with paperwork and be ready for the Dec. 16 meeting.

The License Commission agreed to sit on it for at least 30 days before proceeding and to have would-be package store license holders come forward now.

Currently, the eight package stores in Woburn are:

• 161 Anaya Investments dba Busa Wine and Spirits – 161 Main St.

• Colonial Package Store Inc. – 300 Mishawum Road

• JSK Liquors Inc. dba Colonial Package Store – 3 Russell St.

• East Woburn Package Store Inc. – 287 Montvale Ave.

• Kajal and Kevin LLC dba Liquor Junction – 345 Washington St.

• Empire Liquors Inc. dba North Woburn Package Store – 2 Elm St.

• S&L Liquors Inc dba Wells – 485 Main St.

• Shree Hari Pragat Corp. dba Liquor Land – 350 Cambridge Road.

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