WOBURN - A request to term a Hilltop Parkway home as a public nuisance has been referred to the City Council's Liaison Committee for further review after a public hearing in recent days at City Hall.

The petition has been filed by City Council President Michael Anderson and Alderman-at-large Michael Concannon regarding the one at 14 Hilltop Parkway off Salem Street in an area near the Malcolm White Elementary School off Bow Street.

At the outset, a communication was read from Building Commissioner Thomas C. Quinn, Jr. who stated the site has been visited on occasions over the last year and it appears to be secured though no access has been granted to view interior conditions.

Also presented was a report from Treasurer/Collector Timothy Donovan stating there are no outstanding taxes due on this property.

Concannon, during the public hearing, said, the property is in deplorable condition and that even though the building is secure and the windows have been boarded up, animals are getting into the house,.

He added that there is a tarp on the roof, that a communication should be sent to the lender to give them the opportunity to clean the grounds and repair the roof and siding.

Though, Concannon requested the matter be continued to May, the City Council voted to bring the matter back before the board on Tuesday, April 22 and refer the matter to its Liaison Committee for further review.

Ward 5 Alderman DarleneMercer-Bruen stated that giving the lender until May to remedy the issues is generous and that the condition of the property impacts the neighbors.

She added that she would not give the lender more than three months to resolve the issues.

Ward 4 Alderman Michael Anderson stated that the weather is favorable at the moment to begin improvements but this may change.

No one spoke either in favor or against the matter at the public hearing.

It was suggested a communication be send to the lender, which foreclosed on the property, that they address the outstanding issues including the roof and siding.

Also requested was that the lender remove the wooding from the windows and work to cleanup the overall appearance of the property.

An April 21 deadline was imposed.

A motion was also made and seconded to request the City Solicitor provide information as to how the Council can get the property owner to comply with these requests.

The next public hearing on the matter before the City Council is set for Tuesday, April 22.

No date has yet been set for the hearing on the matter before the City Council's Liaison Committee.

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