Scores of area residents intend to descend upon Hopkinton later this spring in an attempt to conquer the world's oldest 26.2-mile road race: The Boston Marathon.

According to entry records from the Boston Athletic Association (BAA), the organization that has overseen the competitive race from Hopkinton to the heart of Boston's Copley Square area since 1887. A total of 182 residents in The Middlesex East's coverage area will join with nearly 30,000 runners looking to complete one of the world's premiere marathon courses.

Regional competitors come from diverse backgrounds and age brackets, with the youngest area participant being 19-year-old Reading resident Erin Hamlin.

The oldest marathon participant in the region is 75-year-old Woburn resident Richard Neal. Neighboring Winchester, besides having 5 citizens over 60 taking a crack at the legendary feat of endurance, also retains the bragging rights for having the highest number of community residents participating in the Boston Marathon, with 33 registered runners hailing from the town.

Considered New England's most widely-attended sporting event, as a half-million spectators line the course route each year, the Boston Marathon in 2019 will begin on April 15 at 9:02 a.m., when the men's push rim wheelchair competition is scheduled to start.

The elite men's and women's races will later round out the schedule with start times of 9:32 a.m. and 10 a.m., respectively.

The course begins on Main Street in Hopkinton and steers through the communities of Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, and Newton, before heading into Boston proper near Beacon Street. The route takes participants through historic Kenmore Square, where avid sports fans are known try to catch the Boston Red Sox game at 11:05 a.m., and then watch runners pass through Commonwealth Avenue, before ending near the Hancock Tower in Copley Square.

Known as a grueling course with its passage through the Newton Hills and the notorious obstacle of Heartbreak Hill near Boston College, some of the world's premiere long-distance runners travel to Boston every year for a chance at the competition's $1 million prize purse.

For those reasons, most area residents partaking in the challenge register for the event through the BAA's charity program.

Stoneham resident Zelia Magliozzi and Reading public school teacher Kate Splaine are two such runners. Magliozzi is one of a number of residents running to raise funding for A Leg Forever Foundation, a non-profit organization formed by Liz Norden, a longtime Stoneham resident whose two sons each lost a leg in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

"The countdown is on to the 2019 Boston Marathon!" Maglioizzi wrote in a message to The Middlesex East. "I am fortunate enough to be running this year's marathon for a small local charity, A Leg Forever Foundation, whose mission is to pay it forward to help other amputees."

As of press deadline for this week's edition of The Middlesex East, the Stoneham resident had raised $7,343 towards her $10,000 goal. Those wishing to make a contribution to her fundraising efforts can do so by logging onto As an alternative, readers can also go to and type in Zelia Magliozzi into the website's search feature.

Getting ready for her second marathon, Splaine is raising funds for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Her mission to support cancer research has been inspired by former student Kyle Foster, a cancer survivor who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age 8.

Foster, whose father is a Woburn firefighter, spent much of the 2016/2017 school year being tutored at home by Splaine, who was amazed by the young boy's spirit.

"[It] was truly a blessing for me to spend the time I got to with Kyle and witness his development first hand. A rare opportunity that most people do not get to experience. Fortunately, Kyle’s body responded well to treatment and by the 2017-2018 school year he was cancer free and in the maintenance stage of treatment,” said the Reading educator.

In 2018, Splaine raised $17,219 for the world-renowned cancer hospital. Those looking to contribute to the cause this year may do so by logging on to

According to the BAA, its charity program, which gives runners who otherwise wouldn't qualify a chance to participate in the Boston Marathon, has raised more than $300 million since its inception in 1989.

The dozens of area residents participating in the race this spring through the charity program agree to raise a minimum of $5,000 for non-profit organizations, many of which set a higher fundraising goal for team members.

"At the Boston Athletic Association, we invest in the communities where we live and work. Through our Official Charity Program, we provide invitational entries to the Boston Marathon to select non-profit organizations," reads materials on the BAA's website. Organizations use these entries to recruit athletes who pledge to raise funds for their cause. "For selection into our Official Charity Program, the Boston Athletic Association greatly values organizations that strengthen our local community and align with our mission of promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports, especially running."

Area residents looking to cheer on their neighbors along the marathon route can download an AT&T app, available on the BAA's website, to monitor the progress of various runners from the area. The BAA also suggests spectators get to the race early, where viewing space along the route is allotted on a "first-come, first-serve" basis.

Some of the most popular places to view runners include sections of Commonwealth Avenue near Fenway Park in Kenmore Square, Heartbreak Hill in Newton, the so-called "scream tunnel" in Wellesley, and the world-famous finish line on Boylston Street in Copley Square.

Marathon organizers and law enforcement personnel are also asking residents to consider leaving at home a host of items, such as backpacks and suitcases, coolers, and large blankets or props, to ensure quick passage through security checkpoints.

A full list of area residents participating in the Boston Marathon this year follows:

Runner Age


Daniel O'Brien 33

Tanishq Bhalla 25

Jaclyn Jensen 26

Christyl Skelton 26

Natasha Lamonica 25

Maria Gonsalez 48

Marybeth Cerrato 51

Rafe Maxwell 55

Ellen Mahoney 35

Ryan Fine 44

Sal Mirabella Jr. 42

Mary Emerson 45

Erin Rielly 25

Colby Davenport 34

Paul Mansfield 43

Andrew Merlino 55

Luke Harmeling 29


Paul Chekal 48

Mark Hudson 42

Nico Varano 25

Ceara Mahoney 39

Kristan Murphy 50

Patrick Rooney 37

Daniel Kelley 41

Alfred Buccilli 57

Lori Mitchener 42

Nicholas Stead 39

Jennifer Lucich 55

Kip Sanford 52


Alexandra Pepe 28

Patrick Brickley 42

Erin Genova 39

Tyler Fleming 41

Marc Capobianco45

Melanie Gustus 26

Jonathan Burnham 37

Nancy Hurley 58

Nicholas Boulas 47

Gretchen Mauras 40

Eric Johnson 59

Coleman Connolly 32


Hilary Anderson 31

Erin Hamlin 19

William Dutullio 38

Janice Berner 51

Jean Russell 54

Brendan Sweeney 25

Raymond Bail 32

Leila Souhail 26

David Defilippo 53

Jennifer Donaghey 39

Kate Mignosa 22

Lori Marcotte 50

Christine Cerratani 42

John Simpson 40

Kevin Bourque 53

Richard Collette 68

Stephen Viegas 70

Lee Cullen 40

Haley Sayre 27

Arianna Lungo 35

Pamela Sinclair 46

Meghan Doyle 40

Caitlin Sebastian 31

Christopher Holland 46

Joseph Ryan 32

Everett Roscoe 24

Tammy Stapleton 49


Patrick Boyle 52

Nicholas Denari 25

Hannah Obrien 24

Stephanie Lyons 43

Margaret Mahnks 35

Zelia Magliozzi 51

Clifford Dever 40

Carolyn Rebholz 35

Katherine Orsino 45

Bill McCabe 66

Melanie Fortier 39

Angela Melchionno 24


Jake Aquino 37

John Doherty 57

Nichole Ferguson 32

Adam Savage 37

Lisa Maciel 48

Nick Ciaramella 37

Peter Dibenedetto 34

Kathy Charbonnier 58

Erin Teahan 28

Daniel Ziniti 37

Lauren Spencer 26

Jonathan Duggan 43

Kimberly Lannon 48

Michelle Oates 46

Toni Wood 25

Michael Doherty 49

Daniel Shanahan 35

Robin Kavanaugh 48

Fil Faria 54

Devan Horahan 26


Charlotte Woods 38

Michael Hartin 57

Eleuterio Baez 38

Heather Lane 42

Kelcey Conley 23

Emily Curran 23

Julie Galvin 50

Mark Saunders 48

Glen Curry 38

Alyssa Marchant 29

Marcus Ahle 32

Nicole Jacob 45

Sharon Seabury 51

Melissa Deangelis 42

Thuy Dang 49

Ryan Kerrigan 38

Matthew Kerton 47

Jennifer Desimone 50

Lucy Howard 23

Sean Mcgovern 35

Mark Dinocco 34

Benjamin Mazza 35

Jacqueline Scully33


Shamus Brady 37

Coley Carden 43

Guoxing Yao 37

Rebecca Trachsel 44

Kimberly Monk 39

Neil Wheaton 51

Jay Fiske 48

Jay Doubman 47

Herman Correa-Diaz 53

Bridget Gormley 29

Ruth Cardona-Suarez 51

Jeff Stein 60

Kirsten Healey 48

David Sullivan 64

Katie Meinelt 37

Susan Laviolette 65

Alexander Laviolette 24

James Fairweather 34

Eric Dimare 30

Alexander Sharp 25

Brooke Bass 42

Jill Mavro 46

Lawrence Bradley 61

Lynn Borgatti 39

Kristen Bray 49

Elizabeth Kean 43

Jonathan Barrett-Parker 34

Katie Brooks 33

Peter Soderland 41

Jack Richard 60

Robert Haig 39

Arthur Price 40

Monica Gorman 44


Nathaniel Olson 35

Brian Schell 32

Dana Calumby 35

Sarah Hjelmstad 42

Jill Chisholm 47

Miroslav Tashev 56

Jennifer Bolanos 45

Jennifer Kennedy 44

Patrick Giroux 25

Emily Colosimo 24

Paula Mallett 50

Christina Lachance 32

Domenique Riedel 28

Kevin Shackelford 43

William Long 42

Annemarie Fitzler 48

Srephen Delaney 53

Sherry Iuliano 51


Kelly Doherty 21

Michaela Quigley 24

Suzanne Quigley 55

Irene Lionetta 47

Richard Neal 75

Ashley Mcguire 37

Lisa Simmons 40

Kevin Wells 26

Jan Fuller 65

Jennifer Pimental 44

Jaimie Donaghey 32

Jessica Colby 36

Kailah Desrosiers 24

Amy Morgan 41

Rachel Cabral 37

Colin Willey 30

Ted Norton 54

John Fleming 35

Anne Craig 65

Matthew Kiesz 33

Dina Nagdimunova 32

Samantha Leblanc 30

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