N-Dubz back in studio recording long-awaited new album

N-Dubz have been recording their long-awaited comeback album.

The 'Charmer' group - comprising Dappy, Fazer and Tulisa - were reported earlier this year to have signed a two-album deal after getting back together last year and now Tulisa has confirmed that work is well underway on the follow-up to their 2010 record 'Love Live Life'.

She shared studio footage on Instagram and captioned the clip: “Come take a little tour of the N-Dubz residential recording studio during down time after the freestyle shoot.

“We just spent 5 weeks here finishing recording the new N-Dubz album. T’was an experience, what a trip! Good times!(sic)"

It was revealed in January the trio had inked a "massive" deal with EMI following the success of their comeback tour last year.

A source previously said: "The deal is massive for N-Dubz and their fans.

"For years it looked like they were never going to reunite but after the success of their tour, they found themselves with multiple offers on the table.

"They are now signed to EMI for two new albums and are recording at Grouse Lodge Residential Recording Studios in Ireland - an hour outside of Dublin.

"In terms of when fans will get to hear the songs everything is still up in the air but hopefully by the time their summer shows kick off at least a couple of tracks will have been released.

The reunited trio have a series of concerts planned for 2023, including a slot at the Isle of Wight Festival.

In addition, on July 7, the band will be playing at Brighton Valley Concert Series, with a gig at Margate Summer Series the following day.

They'll be in Scarborough on July 20, followed by dates at Gunnersbury Park, London (August 11), and The Bay Series, Cardiff (September 8).

As part of the summer tour, the band also announced shows at the QEII Arena in Telford (July 9), Sunderland's Ferrington Country Park (July 21) and Stadium CSM at Colywyn Bay (July 22).

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