Amber Valletta designs sustainable accessories for Karl Lagerfeld Content Exchange

Amber Valletta has designed eco accessories as part of her ongoing collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld.  

The 47-year-old supermodel and sustainability advocate's spring 2022 line for the iconic fashion house includes bags made of cactus leather.

Amber shared how she was able to inspire the brand to "make better choices" when it comes to sustainability.

She explained: “They were great about letting me ask deeper questions about the factories, how they operate, their certifications and things like that. They were very open, conscientious and took the time to answer difficult questions. That’s really how we’re going to change things: being able to ask difficult questions, pivot once we know we found a better solution, and make better choices.”

The collection features the K/Kushion handbag that pays homage to the late fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld - who passed away in 2019 - who always travelled with a special cushion from his childhood.

She said: “That’s an homage to Karl because that cushion that he carried his whole life was an intimate object of his. And so we chose something that was very classic and iconic to the brand, but also very meaningful to Karl."

The vegan accessory was developed by Mexican firm Desserto.

Amber said: “They showed me a fabric I’d never seen before. That was great to learn something new and hear about this material."

Karl Lagerfeld's CEO, Pier Paolo Righi, added to WWD: “Amber has definitely been an amplifier internally to create further excitement and making certain measures more concrete.

“We speak the same language and that has a huge impact. She is so literate and so passionate about sustainability, and was able to talk at eye level throughout our organization.”

This article originally ran on Content Exchange

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