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BRAINTREE, Mass., July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- MIB, the life insurance industry's most trusted and secure partner for data-driven risk management and digital services, announced an agreement with ReleasePoint, a leading provider of national medical record retrieval services, to provide attending physician statements (APS) to MIB clients.  With this additional capability, MIB clients will be able to obtain medical data quickly and cost effectively through a single point of access that pulls records from multiple data sources, across EHRs, HIEs, patient portals and can systematically reflex to a traditional APS retrieval process.

MIB has expanded their historical EHR-based platform to include the ability to provide a traditional APS, establishing their capabilities as the one-stop-shop for medical record retrieval in the insurance industry. The enhanced platform provides the flexibility for clients to choose which data sources or record retrieval processes, such as EHR, Patient Portal and/or APS, they want to utilize and allows them to customize their data queries to match carrier specific underwriting rules and workflows. 

"We understand that to meet the full needs for medical data in underwriting, access to a traditional APS is critical. We are excited to work with ReleasePoint to provide a streamlined ordering and retrieval system so that MIB's clients can access EHRs, patient portals, and now also request an APS with a single transaction," said Andrea Caruso, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at MIB. "This fills a gap that has existed in the industry for some time and will aid in workflow efficiencies, reduce cycle times, and minimize medical data retrieval costs."

"We are excited for the opportunity to collaborate with MIB to streamline the medical data collection process for the life insurance industry," said Derrick Halvey, CEO at ReleasePoint. "By supporting delivery of an APS within MIB's workflows, we are able to continue our history of providing medical records for life insurance and give carriers the ability to access our services in new ways, helping to make their underwriting process more efficient."

MIB continues to be the only third-party provider in the life insurance market offering access to all of the top three EHR systems in the U.S.* With their industry knowledge and connections combined with these new integrations, expanded access and capabilities, MIB is the clear partner of choice to be the life insurance industry's single source of access to medical data for underwriting.


About MIB

MIB Group, Inc. is the insurance industry's most trusted and secure partner for data, insights and digital solutions that support underwriting and actuarial decision making and improve industry efficiencies. With deep connections to the life insurance companies who are its members, and a sole focus on improving the insurance industry, MIB is uniquely positioned to provide data-driven solutions that address common industry challenges and enable clients to gain efficiencies, manage their risks, and grow profitably.  For more information about MIB, visit www.mibgroup.com.

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