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HOLDEN, Mass., Nov. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Celestial Media LLC announces release of the new public television series "getting dot OLDER", distributed by American Public Television. Presenting Station is Northern California Public Media.

"getting dot OLDER" (Season 1, thirteen half-hour episodes) will be released January 1st, 2022. Check local public TV listings for showtimes. Trailer/website:

"getting dot OLDER" features intimate revelations about aging from diverse baby boomers. Viewers 50+ are invited to fill out an online survey for a chance to be chosen for a TV interview. Innovative concept includes interviews and "day in the life" clips filmed in studio, on location, via viewer selfies and excerpts from video calls.

From deeply poignant to laugh-out-loud funny, "getting dot OLDER" Host/Producer, Roberto Mighty, helps baby boomers share their deepest feelings: A bicycle activist. A ballroom-dancing Chinese teacher. A transgender software developer. A Sikh entrepreneur. A Puerto-Rican singer. An African dancer. A cattle rancher. Native Alaskan artists. And many more diverse Americans.

"getting dot OLDER'' features true stories from ordinary people who open up to Roberto about tragedy, triumph, humor, love, loss -- and sometimes -- just holding on:

"If I could go back in time and counsel my younger self, I would tell my younger self: 'Don't marry that man…'"

"I'm ashamed that I'm not financially savvy…"

"I never told my family that I was gay...they said 'Child, Stevie Wonder could see this!'"

"getting dot OLDER" also features brief commentaries by experts from Harvard School of Public Health, Howard University, Johns Hopkins Medical School, University of Vermont, and more — on relationships, dating, caregiving, health, intimacy, nutrition, housing, personal finance, and other issues of concern to people over 50.

This series and the previously released "World's Greatest Cemeteries" are the first developed by Celestial Media, LLC. Roberto Mighty, Principal and Senior Producer, says "My new production company will work with television, streamers, networks, theaters, museums and online to reach today's audiences with engaging programs, innovative creative approaches, and expanded ideas about inclusivity."


Roberto Mighty, MFA, is an award-winning filmmaker, TV producer, multimedia artist, educator and musician. His works include films, residencies and exhibitions at Harvard University, The National Science Foundation, and film festivals. He is America's first Artist-in-Residence at a National Historic Landmark cemetery. Roberto's new historical documentary about Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King, "Legacy of Love", is being released to public TV stations nationwide via the National Educational Telecommunications Association. Mr. Mighty taught cinematography, editing and video production at Boston University and Emerson College; is a proud Dad; plays guitar every day and needs to get more exercise.


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Roberto Mighty, Celestial Media LLC, 1 617-921-3165,


SOURCE Celestial Media LLC

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