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STERLING, Mass., Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The first ever global conference tackling what has now become the primary form of sex education for young people will be held online on October 2nd and 3rd by Culture Reframed. "Taking on Porn"  follows the organisation's production of the globe's first ever robust, scientific and research-driven sex and relationship education programme. It will serve teaching, public health and child protection professionals as well as young people and parents. Culture Reframed is holding the conference in response to the desperate demand from the (British) educational world requesting assistance teaching the subject (after it became mandatory in UK schools in September 2020).

Culture Reframed, led by sociologist, Professor Emerita Dr Gail Dines, has identified the ubiquity of pornography as the public health crisis of the digital age where sites get more visits each month than Amazon, Twitter and Netflix combined and the average age of children's first viewing of hardcore pornography is between 8 and 11 years.

Conference content is embedded in empirical research and evidence-based science. Speakers will include experts from medicine, government agencies, NGOs, education, academia, science and youth culture from the US, UK, India, Sweden, and Turkey.

Attendees will receive a series of guidelines and sample lesson plans which Culture Reframed has developed over the last year. These explore the theory, skills and tools needed to teach sex education in a cultural climate where teenagers are overwhelmingly turning to online porn to learn about sex. The tools will be on the Culture Reframed website and downloadable free of charge.

Studies show that 90% of most viewed heterosexual porn scenes contain aggression and violence towards women and girls. Research links exposure to porn culture with increased levels of violence against women and children, and to impairment of healthy sexual, emotional, and cognitive development. As young people's lives have shifted to the virtual, so have their relationships, their knowledge of sex, and their understanding of equality and intimacy. The conference will explore effective forms of sex education in this context grappling with the individual and societal implications of a generation of young people groomed by exposure to hardcore porn.

This conference is the first to outline best practices for developing sex education with an academic lens while examining the key harms of porn — sexual violence, misogyny, and the increasing sexual commodification, monetization, and exploitation of young people. 

Speakers will explore the impact of porn on the lives of adolescents and discuss approaches to effective progressive sex education in a culture permeated by porn and hypersexualized images. Attendees will leave with increased knowledge and skills to help support young people to think critically about intimacy, pleasure, and healthy relationships.

Culture Reframed was born in 2015 to build resilience and resistance in young people to hyper sexualised media and pornography by raising awareness, building knowledge skills and confidence and promoting social change.

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Taking on Porn: Developing Resilience and Resistance Through Sex Education

A Culture Reframed Virtual Conference

Saturday & Sunday, October 2-3, 2021

8am2pm EST / 1pm7pm UK / 2pm8pm Central Europe

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