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To get you on your way to reach your business marketing goals, contact our team to schedule a complimentary needs assessment.  It’s best to be prepared with some basic information that will help your consultant design an advertising plan that brings you optimum results.

Here are some items to have prepared:

1. What is your budget?

2. What do you hope to accomplish with this advertising?

3. Company contact information – Name, Business Name, website, Address,  Email Address, Phone number

4. Is there a particular advertising section or town/city that you are interested in?  Why?


Please contact us with any more questions: 781-933-3700 •

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Advertising Leadership Team

Thomas R. Kirk, Sr - Advertising Director - 781-933-3700 Ext. 370

Marcia Santarpio - Inside Retail Manager - 781-933-3700 Ext. 375

Mary Haggerty - 781-933-3700 Ext. 377

Andrew Pabian - 781-933-3700 Ext. 375

Pat Lewis - Special Sections - 781-933-3700 Ext. 371



                Bridal Section

                        Week of January 16th, February 20th, March 20th,

                        Week of September 18th, October 16th, Fall Bridal

                Senior Lifestyles

                        Winter Section, Week of February 19th, March 26th

                        Summer Section, Week of August 14th, Sept. 18th

                Spring Home Improvement and Gardening Section

                        Week of April 10th, May 15th

                Fall Home Improvement and Gardening Section

                        Week of October 9th, November 6th

                Middlesex League Pre-Season Football Section

                        Early September - Prior to Middlesex League Openers

                Local Towns Annual Thanksgiving Football Section

                        Week of November 19th

                Holiday Greetings Advertisement

                         Week of December 3rd, 10th, 17th



Middlesex East Publications

Richard Haggerty: 781-944-2200 Ext. 379


Legal Advertising

Reading, Wakefield

781-944-2200 Ext. 307 •

Woburn, Winchester, Burlington, Wilmington, Tewksbury, Stoneham

781-933-3700 Ext. 307 •


Classified Advertising Information

781-933-3700 Ext. 305  •


Paid Obituary Information

For Woburn, Winchester, Burlington

For Reading and Wakefield

For Stoneham

For Wilmington and Tewksbury