STONEHAM - With local merchants facing unprecedented financial pressures due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related emergency business closures, local citizens are being asked to consider ordering takeout from local restaurants to lessen that blow.  

According to Stoneham Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Megan Day, those looking to perform an act of kindness or otherwise respond in a positive way to the novel coronavirus emergency should consider buying a meal locally.  

With all "non-essential" businesses shuttered across the state, Stoneham's restaurant owners are hardly the only commercial enterprises struggling to survive as a series of emergency public health directives put a stranglehold on the state's economy.  

However, according to Day, she recommends local citizens support the restaurant community for two reasons.  First, that business class, already squeezed by small profit margins and a notoriously high failure rate, has now faced substantial economic activity restrictions since March 17. 

But more important to the local business advocate is her belief that Stonehamites can both support the local economy and limit the further person-to-person spread of COVID-19 by using "social-distancing approved" curbside pickup and food delivery options.  

By contrast, she argues, absent retailers and professional service establishment owners who have moved to an Internet-based sales model, most other types of business require a consumers to either gather together in groups or travel about in public places.  

"Honestly, I feel like the more people who stay in place, the less time this will drag on," remarked 

Day, whose non-profit organization is now trying to help area merchants survive by linking them up with financial grants and assistance from state and federal agencies.  "But I think any business that has delivery is offering a safe way for people to support local businesses."    

Recently, the local Chamber of Commerce compiled a convenient list of all local restaurants that are trying to keep their doors open by reverting exclusively to the take-out and delivery models that are sanctioned by the state.  

Due to the fluidity of the COVID-19 crisis, the chamber advises residents that the breakdown is based upon the most current information available to them.   The full directory follows below: 


• 9 Restaurant

10 Main Street

Phone: (781) 279-0399

Kid-friendly pub chain for classic American fare like burgers, wings & salads.

• Aaron's Taco Cart'el

8 Central Street

Phone: 781-435-4118

Delicious, quick, and inexpensive tacos.

• Angelo's Ristorante

237 Main Street

Phone: (781) 279-9035

Classic, white-tablecloth Italian cuisine on one side and a casual, easygoing pizzeria on the other.

Anthony's Italian Specialties

408 Main Street

Phone: 781-438-9840

Old-fashioned, no-frills counter serve known for jumbo Italian-style submarine sandwiches.

• Bacci's Restaurant

316 Main Street

Phone: 781-438-9200

Casual neighborhood parlor serving pizza & Italian mains along with specialty martinis, beer & wine.

• China Moon

170 Main Street

Phone: (781) 303-9965

Opened in 1953, China Moon offers traditional Cantonese, Szechuan, Polynesian food, and Sushi.

• Colarussos Bakery

210 Main Street

Phone: (781) 438-9793

Longtime, family-run bakeshop providing Italian pastries, breads, cookies & cakes.

• Honey Dew Donuts

362 Main Street

Phone: (781) 438-4004

Informal coffee shop serving up coffee drinks, donuts, pastries & breakfast sandwiches.

• J & B Butcher

3 Central Street

Phone: 781.435.0643

Old neighborhood, family-owned, full-service butcher shop.

• Local 438 Grille & Sport

125 Main Street

Phone: (781) 435-0732

Traditional pub and sports bar fare.

Order takeout (curbside pick-up) by phone.

• Stoneham Pizza

232 Main Street

Phone: 781-438-9800

Pizza, fries and sandwiches.

• Subway

200 "B" Main Street

Phone: (781) 325-5406

Lunchtime eatery offering sub sandwiches and salads.

• Taste of Siam

499 Main Street

Phone: (781) 438-4001

Thai eatery with menu of classics like noodles & fried rice.

• Thai Village

418 Main Street

Phone: (781) 435-4374

Authentic Thai cuisine.

• The Daily Scoop

232 Main Street

Phone: (617) 293-6102

Ice cream shop serving Richardson's Ice Cream.

• Three Amigos, Inc.

125 Main Street

Phone: (781) 438-2773

Down-home delicious Mexican dishes.

• Tulip Asian

121 Main Street

Phone: (781) 438-1500

Pan-Asian choices like teppanyaki, sushi & Thai fare.


Delivery and take-out

• Amore Pizza

414 Main Street

Phone: (781) 481-9381

Local pizzeria serving homemade pies, pasta, and Mediterranean dishes, all crafted with fresh ingredients.

• Cap't Loui

101 Main Street

Phone: (781) 435-2145

Offering Cajun & Creole seafood options.

• DeliWorks & Pizzeria

62 Montvale Avenue

Phone: (781) 438-7955

Popular option for specialty pizza, calzones, subs & wrap sandwiches.

• Five Guys Burgers & Fries

67 Main Street

Phone: (781) 438-8002

Fast-food chain with made-to-order burgers, fries & hot dogs, plus free peanuts while you wait.

• Food rEvolution

3 Marble St

Phone: (917) 885-3745

Food forward shared kitchen focused on helping build healthy food startups.

• Gaetano's Ristorante

271 Main Street

Phone: (781) 279-0100

Many pasta dishes & other Italian favorites.

• Hong Kong City

303 Main Street

Phone: (781) 279-0403

Authentic and delicious tasting Chinese and Asian cuisines.

• Java Grind & Grill

125 Main Street

Phone: (781) 572-3078

Quick service American fare for breakfast & lunch with a kid's menu.

• Kushala Sip Coffee House

335 Main Street

Phone: (617) 412-5515

Offering specialty coffee, tea, pastries, sandwiches and salads.

• Liberty Bell Stoneham

219 Main Street

Phone: (781) 279-2000

Varied menu that includes seafood, sandwiches & chicken wings.

• Louis Roast Beef & Pizza

125 Main Street

Phone: (781) 572-3125

Pizza and sandwich options.

• Namaste

58 Montvale Ave

Phone: 781-438-9688

Authentic and quality Nepalese and Indian food.

• Nobility Hill Tavern

423 Main Street

Phone: 781-435-4002

Family owned quality American comfort food.

• Papa Gino's

190 Main Street

Phone: (781) 438-8422

Standard, family-oriented chain for pizzas, pastas & subs.

• Pignone's Café

319 Main Street

Phone: (781) 279-0131

Family owned and operated breakfast and lunch café.

• Pizza Mia

67 Franklin Street

Phone: (781) 572-3300

Pizza, pasta dishes, sandwiches, salads, subs, burgers, beverages and more.

• Rang Indian Bistro

6 Central Street

Phone: 781-438-8200

Samosas, tikka masala & other Indian specialties.

• Royal Roast Beef and Seafood

475 Main Street

Phone: 781-438-7779

Pizza, sandwiches, seafood and more.

• Sato II Restaurant

147 Main Street

Phone: 781-438-8786

Asian, Chinese, Japanese dishes.

• The Stones Common House and Kitchen

380 Main Street

Phone: (781) 435-1344

Elevated pub fare, clever cocktails & many craft beers.

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