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The owner of yet another landmark Stoneham business will soon retire, but Gaetano's Restaurant on Main Street will not suffer the same fate as Felicia's Restaurant and the soon-to-be shuttered Montvale Plaza.

During a Board of Selectmen on Tuesday night, the elected officials authorized local chef and Gaetano's proprietor Edward Aprille's request to transfer the eatery's liquor license and common victualler's license to a new ownership group.

The popular eatery, a local favorite for its old-world Italian cuisine and thin-crust pizza recipe, has been a fixture at 271 Main St. by the corner of Montvale Avenue for more than three decades.

According to attorney Matthew Porter, representing new ownership group Brothers Gaetano, loyal customers have no reason to worry about major changes being made to the menu, as his clients intend to continue serving up Italian cuisine.

"There's no major changes for the concept at the restaurant at all. These guys will certainly bring their own ideas, but the restaurant will stay the same," said Porter.

"We going to keep the same type of cuisine. That's what we've been doing for a long time," later added Revere chef Cesar Gutuierrez, who along with his two partners, has more than 15 years of experience working in the restaurant industry.

Gutierrez will be joining with his brother, East Boston chef Edison Gutierrez, and Revere resident Edinson Layos in taking over the Stoneham Square establishment.

The Gutierrez siblings in 2015 opened up a Brothers Restaurant at Coolidge Corner in Brookline, where they prepared a mixture of Italian, Mexican, and breakfast fare.

Cesar was also the executive chef at the wildly popular Sound Bites Cafe in Somerville's Ball Square, where customers could often be seen lining around the corner of Broadway for a seat in the cafe. Edison is perhaps best known as the executive chef at Game On, a dining hotspot overlooking Fenway Park on Lansdowne Street in Boston.

According to Porter, his clients may eventually bring some live entertainment to Gaetano's.

"As far as entertainment, the plan is to bring in a single act, like maybe a piano player for music during dinner," the lawyer explained.

Yet another seasoned Stoneham restauranteur who earned his cooking reputation in Boston's North End, Aprille worked at the popular European Restaurant on Hanover Street before it closed in 1997.

In July, the restauranteur, who also operated Aprile's European in North Chelmsford, similarly announced plans to close the business.

It is expected Gaetano's will remain open under Aprille for at least a month, according to Porter, as his clients need to wait for state officials from the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission to finalize the paperwork transfer.

"It all depends on the ABCC," said Porter, when asked when the transition will happen. "Nothing more than a month-and-a-half. Everything is in place. The lease is in place, and nothing major structurally is going to happen [inside the restaurant]."

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