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TEWKSBURY — On Saturday, Jan. 14, at ap­proximately 8:15 p.m., Tewksbury Police Depart­ment received a 911 call from a Wamesit Lanes em­ployee stating that customers received AirDrop­ped photos from an un­known source alleging that they had a bomb in their possession and planned to detonate the explosive de­vice as well as commit a shooting in the building.

Tewksbury Police respon­ded to the scene at Wa­me­sit Lanes, located at 434 Main St. in Tewksbury, and immediately evacuated the scene.

Tewksbury Police then proceeded to search the building and eliminate any threats.

In a Facebook post made by Wamesit Lanes, management stated, “We take the safety of our team and guests very seriously and thank lo­cal authorities for their assistance.”

The Wamesit facility was closed for the re­mainder of the evening while Tewksbury Police conducted a thorough investigation of the pre­mises.

According to a statement made by Tewks­bury Police Chief Ryan Columbus, this incident remains an active, on­going investigation.

Tewksbury Police are asking anyone with in­formation regarding this incident, or anyone who has received the photos in question, to please contact the Tewks­bury Police Department at 978-851-7373.

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