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TEWKSBURY — Town En­gineer Kevin Hardiman and Board of Selectmen Chair Mark Kratman confirm that the town will see additional work along Route 133 this spring. While construction has been ongoing along the same road through this past summer and fall, there’s only more roadwork ahead.

Last construction season brought new water and sewer lines toward the An­dover line from Fiske Street in Tewksbury. The area that will be rebuilt this season runs the opposite way, from Fiske almost to River Road — about a mile long stretch. Kratman explains that the necessary work involves re­setting the drainage system underneath the street.

“They’ll make sure that the drainage cover and concrete is aligned, and do a lot of resurfacing.”

He understands that this area has been in bad shape for a long time, which makes it even more important for the work to get started.

However, it will be a long while before the construction can begin.

“April would be the earliest [we could start],” Hardiman said.

With the majority of the work being done at night to limit traffic impact, they’ll need to wait until the weather is warmer after dark. Even then, they will have to coordinate with contractors for a schedule. There’s no set start date, but the project should take a couple of weeks according to Krat­man.

Other upcoming work along this same road in­cludes realignment where River Road hits Andover Street and whatever changes will be made as part of the Complete Streets Funding Program.

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