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TEWKSBURY — The war­rant for the upcoming Oct. 6, 2020 special Town Meeting is online now for residents to review. Here is an overview of the articles.

Article 1 seeks to transfer funds from accounts with a projected surplus to ac­counts with a projected deficit to allow for the purchase of needed items or services, including in­creas­ed costs for the primary and general election, a chiller for the police de­partment air conditioner, baseball field mainten­ance, and LED streetlight replacement.

The article proposes taking $525,442 from the treasurer’s unclassified principal maturing debt and applying it to departments with budget shortfalls. The surplus was created be­cause the town is delaying the De­partment of Public Works/school main­tenance facility project until future revenues are better understood.

Article 2 seeks to reduce funds from budget line-items to allow the FY21 bud­get to be balanced, caused by a reduction in revenue from lack of meals tax, hotel and motel tax, and motor ve­hicle excise tax.

Article 3 seeks to authorize payment of $79,472.35 in late bills.

Article 4 seeks to transfer $850,000 in certified free cash for a one-time capital expenditure to fund sidewalk design, installation, and improvements on Shawsheen Street.

Article 5 seeks to transfer money from certified general fund free cash to the town stabilization fund to be used for future emergencies or one-time purchases or projects.

Article 6 seeks to place four parcels under the control of the Conserva­tion Commission for protection as open space, wa­tershed resources, and wild­life ha­bitats, including the Chand­ler Well Fields, Long Pond, land behind Judith E Drive, and land off Patricia Drive.

The warrant may be viewed in its entirety on the town website at

Special Town Meeting will be held on Oct. 6, 2020, at 7 p.m. at Tewks­bury Me­morial High School.

Voters are strongly ad­vised to either wear a mask or facial covering. A limited supply of masks will be available. Direc­tional and spatial arrows will be taped to the floor, and chairs will be spaced six feet apart. Efforts will be made to reduce crowding as the meeting ad­journs, and so­cialization in the parking lot is strong­ly discouraged.

Voters are asked to bring their mailed copy of the warrant to the meeting. Please visit for complete public health information and requirements.

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