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TEWKSBURY — Last week, it was announced that Tewksbury Police Chief Ti­mothy Sheehan was one of six finalists for Chief of Po­lice in Palm Bay, Florida. However, on Thursday Aug. 2, the Palm Bay City Ma­nager’s office confirmed that Sheehan did not make the final round of candidates, meaning he was not selected for the position.

Sheehan was initially sel­ected as a semi-finalist from a pool of more than 50 applicants.

Since joining the Tewks­bury Police Department in 1987, Sheehan has held a variety of positions within the department. They in­clude: detective sergeant, lieutenant, SWAT team com­mander and deputy chief. He has served as the town’s Chief of Police since 2009.

Sheehan has been planning for potential career changes, including possible retirement or changing lo­cations, as he would have done if he received this po­sition.

In an interview with the Lowell Sun following the an­nouncement of Sheehan’s finalist status, Tewksbury Town Manager Richard Montuori said that al­though he wished Sheehan the best, he hoped he would stay in town for the time being.

“I don’t want to see him leave whether it’s for this job or retirement,” Montu­o­ri said. “He’s an asset to the community.”

Despite having no plans at the moment to leave the Tewksbury Police Depart­ment, Sheehan will still be moving on eventually. Once the time comes to find a replacement, applicants will undergo a civil service process that includes an interview/assessment pro­cess, ranking the applicants based on their an­swers.

As of the present day, there is no one directly in line to succeed Sheehan.

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