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TEWKSBURY — Have you ever wanted to know what was happening in Tewksbury 100 years ago? Well, it is now possible, as many of the An­nual Town Reports were recently digitized under the direction of Town Clerk Den­ise Graffeo.

Data on town spending, town meetings, and various local committees over the past century is now just one click away.

Giving the public access to town records dating back to 1917, one is able to dive into Tewksbury’s history through the use of the online archive. The archive is easily accessible and easy to use; one can conveniently browse at the comfort of their own computer. Census details, town spending records, and more is readily available to all with internet access.

Sponsored by the Boston Public Library, the online records enable the residents of Tewksbury to become more knowledgeable on the town’s past spending, legislature, and more.

By encompassing a greater understanding of Tewks­bury’s past, current residents are able to make greater personal connections with their town. Whether it is finding the names of relatives and friends within the pages of records, or reminiscing about past events, residents are able to determine their own role in town history while continuing to learn more about the past.

Information on key events, such as the 2008 motion to continue on with plans pre­paring to build the new Tewksbury Memorial High School building and special town meetings, can be found within the digitized documents.

In order to digitize the records, the pages of past town reports were first photographed. They were then uploaded to A primary goal of making the records accessible online was to enable residents to learn more about the community. As residents become more knowledgeable on the general practice of town processes, they may feel more inclined to actively participate within the community and at town meetings.

With more participants in town meetings in particular, town legislature and votes taken at the meetings will more clearly reflect the opinions and needs of town residents.

If you are interested in viewing the digitized town reports, reports for the past decade can be accessed at:

Annual Town Reports dating back further in time can be viewed at:

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