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TEWKSBURY — The Board of Selectmen met last week to hear several presentations from town department heads.

First, the board addressed a bond issue for the new elementary school project. The project was put to bid, and went to Mesirow Financial of Chicago. With a $6 million bond premium, the town was able to reduce the amount of money it has to borrow.

The town’s bond sale representative stated that the project was the fifth largest competitive sale in the country on the day it went on the market. The board noted the new borrowing rate will re­sult in an average savings of more than $90 annually per household. The board unanimously approved the bond.

Teresa Belanger presented her goals and objectives for the human resources department, including streamlined employee training and im­proved risk management. Selectman Brian Dick asked about last year’s goal of re­ducing workplace injury; Belanger said that occupational injuries have de­creased.

Diane Giarrusso presented her goals and objectives for the Tewksbury Public Libra­ry, which included reevaluating library policies and procedures that create barriers for patrons, preserving the Board of Library Trustees minutes, and developing a new library strategic plan to better understand how the community uses the library.

Selectwoman Jayne Well­man Miller praised the teen program at the library for providing an important safe space for young people in town.

Nicole Hutcheon presented her goals and objectives for the Council on Aging. She is hoping to increase senior center participation to in­clude baby boomers through new programming, updating policies and procedures, making the senior center more inviting through new technology and furniture, and increasing transportation services.

Brian Dorrington presented his goals and objectives for the telemedia department. Currently, the department is updating the studio at Tewksbury Memorial High School to be used in the school’s off-hours.

Dorrington also spoke about opportunities to ex­pand remote live broadcasts: “We plan on streaming every home football game live,” he said.

He is also hoping to expand collaborations with other de­partments in town.

Assistant Town Manager Steve Sadwick presented his goals and objectives for community development, in­cluding enhancing efficiency of the project department review process, implementing the affordable housing project that was approved at Town Meeting in May, completing a review of building fees relative to surrounding communities,and introducing new state and federal food codes to the inspection process.

Police chief Timothy Shee­han presented his goals and objectives for the police de­partment. He mentioned that the town is the first in the state to implement Stop the Bleed policy, training, and equipment. He is hoping to strengthen peer support and officer wellness programs, to create a drone policy and unit, to formalize an employee recognition program, and to develop and facilitate a transition plan to NMRECC, the regional call center.

The board reappointed all returning members to boards and committees. The board will conduct interviews for applications to fill vacancies in June.

The board approved town counsel invoices.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 19.

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