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TEWKSBURY — Late last Saturday afternoon, Tewksbury resident Ryan Driscoll, 16, was in a car accident on Interstate 93, heading north between 495 and the River Road exit. He lost control of his vehicle, causing it to roll over and crash into a sign post, according to the press release issued by the Massachusetts State Po­lice.

Driscoll died as a result of complications from this accident on Sunday.

Driscoll was a student at Central Catholic High School, where he just completed his junior year last Friday. He was a member of the lacrosse team, who dedicated their playoff game Monday to Driscoll.

In a statement released Monday by Central Ca­tholic, Driscroll was re­membered for being a de­dicated student-athlete, as well as a kind person.

“Ryan was an exceptional scholar and athlete and a kind, respectful young man who represented all the best qualities of Cen­tral Catholic,” it said. “He will be remembered fondly by his friends, classmates, teammates and teachers.”

In a Facebook post from earlier this week, Dris­coll’s father, Dennis Dris­coll, said that he is seeking contact from those who witnessed the accident, or stopped to help. The post reads:

"I am still looking to speak with anyone that may have witnessed some­thing. According to the state police there were many people who had stopped to help Ryan. I would like to meet and thank you personally."

If you were at the scene of the accident, or know someone who was, please reach out to Dennis Dris­coll through his Facebook page.

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