Swan song for Discount Madness

Swan song for Discount Madness           (photo: BruceHilliard.com)

TEWKSBURY — Recently, the popular local discount store, Discount Madness, an­nounced it would be closing its doors later this summer.

The store is known through­out town for having great deals on both day-to-day and seasonal items. In particular, shoppers regularly bought from their wide variety of coffee k-cups for the Keurig coffee machine, and many purchased pool floats and plants from them during the warmer spring and summer days.

Reasonably-priced holiday decor could also be found at the store, as well, with their Christmas and Halloween sel­ections specifically re­ceiv­ing praise.

The store’s closing an­nounce­ment was met with sadness from residents across town, many of them taking to Facebook to air their feelings.

Commenting on the closing announcement, customers re­called how often they visited the store, and how much they would miss it once it closed.

No set closing date has been announced as of late, but store management speculated that it may be closed by the end of July. If it remains open any longer than that, they seem certain that it will be closed by the end of the summer season at the latest.

The land on which Dis­count Madness is located has been sold to developers. The current plan for the property is the construction of condos, which will likely begin after the store closes.

For those looking to continue to save on popular items once the Tewksbury Dis­count Madness closes its doors, there is another Dis­count Madness located in Pelham. This location offers many of the same products, as well as all of the same savings, as the Tewksbury location.

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