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TEWKSBURY — Over the course of the summer, Pea­cock Chalk has been on the vendors present several times at the Tewksbury Community Market.

Operated by Robin Reiner, Peacock Chalk offers both instructional classes in chalk art as well as the op­portunity to order custom pieces.

The types of products of­fered by Peacock Chalk in­clude custom art pieces, as well as the supplies for one to create the artwork themselves. Supplies include Chalk Transfers/patterns, Chalk­ol­ogy paste and ink, and surfaces to create the art on among other tools and accessories.

Additionally, they offer themed sets, as well as a monthly subscription service. Called “Club Couture,” the monthly sets include an on-trend, in season Chalk Transfer, as well as three Paste Singles, and step-by-step instructions to create the art piece. One is able to purchase an initial three month subscription, and will then have the opportunity to purchase the current month’s set or a “Kickstarter Kit” with additional supplies and tools for an additional cost.

To learn more about the products offered by Peacock Chalk, commission a custom piece, or to learn how to learn how to create similar artwork, visit their website: or their Facebook page: Peacock Chalk.

The Tewksbury Community Market is held in front of the Tewksbury Public Library every Tuesday from 4-7. Des­pite being cancelled this past week due to potential thunderstorms in the weather forecast, the market will be running as scheduled next week.

To learn more about the market, as well as receive updates as to what vendors will be in attendance in the coming weeks, visit their Facebook page: Tewksbury Community Market.

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