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On Wednesday Jan. 27, the State of Massachusetts opened appointment sche­duling for COVID-19 vaccinations for the first round of Phase 2 recipients: individuals aged 75 or older. Monday, Feb. 1 will be the first day this group will be eligible to receive the vaccine.

To make an appointment, one first must visit the state’s vaccine information page,, in order to de­termine whether or not they are currently eligible, as well as to find a vaccination distribution location. Locations include Mass Vaccination Sites (high vol­ume, large venue sites), General Vaccination Sites (healthcare locations, phar­macy/grocery locations), and Local Vaccination Sites (open to select cities/towns).

Details on how to book an appointment at each location are available on the state's interactive map. In the Tewksbury/Wilming­ton area, nearby locations include Whittier Rehabili­tation Hospital in Brad­ford, Walgreens on South Main Street in Haverhill, Stop & Shop in Woburn, and Wegmans in Burling­ton.

Once an appointment is booked, individuals must fill out a self-attestation form to confirm their eligibility. The completed form must either be completed online or printed and filled out. Either the online confirmation or physical form must be presented at the appointment.

In some cases, the form may also be available at the vaccination site. The form can be found online at

Vaccinations are free re­gardless of whether or not one has insurance. If one has insurance, it is recommended to bring insurance information to the vaccination appointment. Identifi­cation may also be reques­ted, though the state website certifies that one may get a vaccine even if they do not have a driver’s li­cense or social security number.

After receiving their first dose of the vaccine, the state encourages recipients to book their appointment for their second dose at the same vaccination site.

For more information about the Massachusetts Vaccination Distribution Timeline, visit

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