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TEWKSBURY — On or before Tuesday, Sept. 1, Tewksbury’s registered vo­ters can vote by mail or in person for the state primary election. Informa­tion given out by the Town Clerk’s office explained that early voting can still be done at the town hall this Thursday or Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Absentee and mail-in votes can be sent back either by mail, in the drop box outside of the Town Hall, or to the town clerk’s office before Sept. 1. While the mail-in bal­lot deadline has already passed, voters can still ap­ply in person for an absentee ballot until Aug. 31.

Out of 23,402 registered voters, 4,846 mail-in ballots were requested and most of them were sent out by the end of last week.

In person voting will be at the senior center for pre­cincts 1 and 1A, the recreation center for precincts 2 and 2A, the town hall for precincts 3 and 3A, and the library for precincts 4 and 4A.

There will be a number of precautions taken for voters including a strong advisory to wear a mask; voting stations placed six feet apart; voting pens disinfected between use and surfaces cleaned throughout the day; and hand sanitizer at the exit.

The election workers will also be required to wear masks and remain six feet apart even as they gather or collect ballots at the end of the day. Polling places will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sept. 1.

Republican ballots for all Tewksbury precincts in­clude a choice between Shi­va Ayyadurai and Kevin O’Con­nor for Senator in Congress. John Paul Mor­an is the only Republican candidate for Representa­tive in Congress. Precincts 3 and 3A only have Jeffrey DuFour and Shishan Wang for Representative in Gen­er­al Court versus Alec DiFrus­cia as the only op­tion for the remaining pre­cincts.

Democratic ballot choices for all precincts would choose between Ed Mar­key and Joe Kennedy for Sena­tor in Congress and Seth Moulton, Jamie Bel­sito, and Angus McQuil­ken for Representative in Con­gress. They also offer Eileen Duff for Councillor, Barry Fine­gold for Sena­tor in General Court, and Tara DeCristo­faro for Re­gister of Pro­bate. While the other pre­cincts have Dave Robert­son for Rep­re­sentative in General Court, precincts 3 and 3A have Tram Nguyen.

There aren’t any candidates running under green-rainbow or libertarian par­ty for any of these primary elections.

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