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TEWKSBURY — For the past few weeks, the Kona Ice Truck has been in attendance at the Tewksbury Com­munity Market.

Founded in 2007 in northern Kentucky, Kona Ice in­tended to break away from the traditional ice cream truck mold, instead selling primarily flavored shaved ice, a form of a “snow cone.”

The most unique aspect of Kona Ice is believed to be their “flavorwave,” in which customers are able to flavor their own shaved ice using the different syrups at the station on the side of the truck. Kona Ice has a large variety of syrup flavors, ranging from their fan fa­vorites of “Blue Raspberry,” and “Tiger’s Blood,” to des­sert-inspired options “Cho­co­late,” “Red Velvet Cake,” and “Hawaiian Dreamsicle.”

For adult customers, Kona Ice also offers a variety of flavors inspired by various alcoholic beverages, such as “Cosmopolitan,” “Margar­i­ta,” and “Daiquiri.” With such a large variety, everyone is bound to find a flavor to enjoy.

Aside from traveling throughout various towns and communities to sell their product, a Kona Ice Truck can also be booked for various special events. In or­der to book one, one can visit their website,, in order to contact the truck closest to him. One can also find information about the different types of flavors offered, as well as information concerning their charity work, such as their partnership with Adopt a Classroom, and general background on their website.

The Tewksbury Community Market is held in front of the Tewksbury Public Library every Tuesday from 4 - 7 p.m. To learn more about the market, as well as re­ceive updates as to what ven­dors will be in attendance in the coming weeks, visit their Facebook page: Tewksbury Community Market.

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