TEWKSBURY — Re­cent­ly, a Tewksbury landmark has received a much needed face lift. The iconic Mac’s Dairy Farm sign, located at 1863 Main St., was replaced with a new, updated version.

The original sign was already in place when John and Susan Gallant bought Mac’s Dairy Farm in 1983.

Although the Gallant fa­mily had been in the res­taurant business, previously owning “Gallant’s Gal­lery” in Tyngsboro, the ice cream business was all new to them.

Obviously, John and Su­san Gallant were quick studies, as Mac’s has been a staple “go to” ice cream destination in the area for 37 years.

After the passing of Su­san, and most recently, John Gallant, their daughter, Susan Mathurin, has taken over the reins from her father, implementing several recent changes to the ice cream stand.

“My dad and I had discussed getting a new sign,” Mathurin said, “but (we) had not put the plan into motion.”

After her father’s death, Mathurin felt the time was right to make the changes that her dad had planned.

These changes have in­cluded new siding and roof for the building, new equip­ment, updated flooring, tables, awnings, doors, and now, a new sign.

Because the old sign did not meet today’s codes for size and street frontage, Mathurin had to apply for a special permit and go be­fore the Board of Ap­peals in order to keep the same sign size.

“I wanted to keep the same nostalgic looking sign with a vintage feel, but updating it with internal illumination,” Mathu­r­in stated.

With the help of Sign Effects in Billerica, Ma­thurin was able to create exactly what she envisioned.

Mathurin noted, “This sign means so much to us, and to keep the same de­sign. So many people in Tewksbury have memories of Mac’s from back in the 1980’s and 90’s. It is nice for them to come back to see everything looking the same, but updated.”

The new sign features a message board so that Mac’s can easily stay in touch with the community.

The first message on the board was dedicated to the memory of beloved parents and grandparents, Mac’s Dairy Farm owners John and Susan Gallant.

The second message, which is currently featured on the message board, is dedicated to the graduating class of 2020.

Mac’s Dairy Farm currently employs 18 high school and college students, seven of whom will graduate this June from Tewksbury Memorial High School, and one graduating from UMass Lowell.

This year's TMHS graduates are Jack O’Neil, Tyler Keough, Owen Gilli­gan, Patrick Letourneau, Riann Savoia, Sean Phan­euf, Christina Spezza­fer­ro, and graduating from UMass Lowell is Connor Callahan.

Because of social distancing restrictions due to COVID-19, the class of 2020 graduates have mis­sed out on many of the senior class activities, including prom and a traditional graduation ceremony.

“They are really great kids,” said Mathurin of the Mac’s employees, “and to acknowledge the seniors that work at Mac’s is the least we can do.”

Since 1983, Mac’s has been one of the few ice cream stands open year round, serving loyal customers seven days a week, and has continued to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic, prac­ticing safe­ty for both the employees and the customers.

Employees are required to wear masks and gloves, all tables have been re­moved, and social distancing lines are painted outside.

The Class of 2020 dedication will be on display un­til the middle of June. The Mac’s Dairy Farm family hopes the Town of Tewksbury will enjoy the new sign, and they plan to continue John and Susan Gallant’s legacy for many years to come.

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