Chief Sheehan

Chief Sheehan (File photo)

TEWKSBURY — On Nov. 22, 2019 it was an­noun­ced by the Tewksbury Police Department that Chief Timothy Sheehan has accepted a new position as Chief of Police in South Portland, Maine.

It has been known by town officials that Shee­han had been contemplating a career change in lo­cation or perhaps retirement for some time.

As recently as August of 2019, Sheehan was in the final round of candidates for the position of Chief of Police in Palm Bay, Flo­rida, but ultimately was not chosen to fill the position.

Sheehan was chosen from a group of 14 candidates for the position in South Portland.

A statement was releas­ed by the Town of South Port­land announcing the hiring of Sheehan as Chief of Police. In this statement, Sheehan was prais­ed for his stellar record which includes tactical support for the Boston Po­lice De­partment after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, and for his role as an incident manager during the 2018 Columbia Gas Ex­plosions in the Merri­mack Valley area.

Sheehan joined the Tewks­bury Police Depart­ment in 1987, and served in several positions throughout his career in Tewks­bury. His positions included Detective Sergeant, Lieu­tenant, SWAT Team Manager, and Deputy Chief before becoming Chief of Police in 2009.

In a statement made by Deputy Chief John Voto, he praised Sheehan for his years of service.

Voto also stated, “South Portland gains a great man to lead their department, and we will continue to strive for the excellence that Chief Sheehan has come to know and ex­pect from us.”

Sheehan wrote a statement to the Tewksbury Police Department to thank members of the department for their hard work and dedication, and to thank the community that he has served or the past 32 years.

Chief Sheehan is expected to remain with the Tewksbury Police Depart­ment until just after the first of the new year.

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