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TEWKSBURY — Plans for a proposed 300 unit apartment complex at 300 Ames Pond were scrub­bed last week according to Town Manager Rich­ard Montuori. The development, proposed by The Hanover Company, would have been a non-age re­stricted complex built as a 40B, meaning some units would be deemed affordable for those at 80 percent of the area’s median income. The project had been initially presented to the town via a concept plan in the summer of 2021.

The site, located off of Route 133/Andover Street near the Andover line, consists of 114 acres, though only 28.6 are considered buildable. Under 40B, the project would have had limited input from the town as Tewks­bury’s affordable housing stock is below the 10 percent threshold re­quired to rebuff such a project.

2020 census numbers have still not been re­leased, and in the interim, additional proposals for affordable units have surfaced in the community, raising the potential for Tewksbury to satisfy its inventory re­quire­ment as required by the state.

An active and engaged resident group in the Cardigan Road, Over­look Road and Andover Street areas had been working closely with the town on the project, advocating on behalf of the residents of Tewks­bury. Residents consistently appeared at public hearings to ex­press concerns with the size and scale of the complex, impact to community re­sources, and the de­struction of the natural features of the Ames Pond area.

Reached via email, property owner Marc Ginsburg said, “We mu­tually agreed due to de­layed census data for permitting and the economic climate to develop [that it] was best to terminate to give us the opportunity to look at other options for the property.”

Ginsburg went on to say, “We have no immediate plans other than possibly exercising exis­ting land disturbance permits allowing us to do some preliminary site work for future development.”

Representatives for the property requested at the April 11, 2022 Plan­ning Board meeting that the allowed uses under the existing zoning bylaw be frozen, leaving open the possibility that the property could be developed with previously allowed uses in an office/research zone for a period of three years. The town’s updated zoning bylaw, adopted in October of 2022 changed the use table for office/research zoning.

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