The Tewksbury Monkey

The Tewksbury Monkey (Courtesy photo)

TEWKSBURY — In times like these, with CO­VID-19 and months that feel like years, it seems like nothing is impossible. Yet, Tewks­bury has gotten itself into a bit of “monkey business” when it received a visitor from the wild side.

On May 19, 2020, Diane Charlton spotted a loose monkey near Route 38. The next day, her son found the monkey in their backyard, and they managed to take a blurry photograph and spread the word to fellow residents.

Nicknamed the  residents have been on the lookout, speculating about its origins, and making internet jokes.

Some speculate that the monkey must have es­caped from a zoo somewhere, but there have been no reports, as of now, from nearby zoos of a missing monkey.

However, some doubt that there is even a monkey at all, claiming the picture shown on Facebook and other social media platforms is too grainy to identify it as a primate.

The monkey has even been spotted on social me­dia, with an Instagram account (@tewksburymonkey), and its more famous Twitter counterpart, @TewksburyMonkey.

On Twitter, the monkey documents his adventures in Tewksbury, which range from “staying at the Motel 6,” as outlined in his Twit­ter bio, to engaging in on­line discussions with other residents, boastfully de­claring that it “can’t be caught.”

When asked for a few words, @TewksburyMonkey wrote:

“This has really been quite the adventure. I’m grateful to the Tewksbury Police for putting out tasty treats for me. They should learn how to make better traps, though. I’m happy to be free now to wander the vast landscape of Tewks­bury. I’m also blessed to be joining the ranks of other famous Tewksbury residents, such as Brutus Beefcake and WBZ’s David Wade. I’m a friendly monkey, but if you see me, please don’t approach me because, folks, I’m a wild animal, and that’s a terrible idea.”

Authorities warn that the monkey may carry the Herpes B Virus, and monkeys can be aggressive when provoked.

Multiple tactics have been used to attempt to catch, or even spot, the primate, from drones, to ATVs, to bowls of fruit in Charlton’s yard.

With the monkey yet to be caught, he may just wind up as Tewksbury’s own version of Bigfoot or the Sasquatch. Neverthe­less, it will be interesting to see where the Tewks­bury Monkey pops up next.

If you see the Tewksbury Monkey, take his advice, and don’t approach him. But call 978-851-7373.

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