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TEWKSBURY — The Tewksbury Board of Sel­ect­men met on Sept. 14, 2021, for an in-person meet­­ing at town hall.

The board approved a liquor license transfer and change of location application from Radhe Enter­prises (Crystals General Store) to EKS Corporation (Shell Food Mart).

The board approved two National Grid conduit pe­titions at Livingston Street and Grammy’s Way.

The board held a public hearing to lay out Robbie Terris Way. The Planning Board voted on Monday to approve an as-built accep­tance and the release of two bonds totaling over $44,000 for Joe LaLiberte and Robert Fondelli.

Member Jayne Wellman asked if there were storm­water issues with the layout; Town Manager Rich­ard Montuori said that the town engineer did not submit any comments suggesting there were any issues.

The board voted to ap­prove the layout and ac­cept the street. Accept­ance of the street as a pub­lic way will be voted on at special Town Meet­ing on Oct. 5, 2021 under Article 15.

The board reviewed a sewer agreement for Joan’s Farm at 100 Donny Martel Way. The Joan’s Farm de­velopment is being sold and the agreement is being transferred to the new owner.

Montuori asked the board to ensure that all indemnification and insurance bond information be submitted to the town when the agreement is complete. Attorney Joshua Fox ex­plained that Metropolitan Capital Group, LLC, or their nominee, is taking over the property from de­veloper Arnie Martel and will be providing all compliance documentation.

Martel was recently char­ged with tax evasion by the Department of Justice. Mon­tuori added that there is no change to the agreement itself. Fox explained that at the point of closing, a sole purpose entity will be formed under a yet to be determined name.

The board voted to au­thorize the town manager to complete the change.

The board appointed new building commissioner Mark Bertonassi to the zoning bylaw committee. Bertonassi joined the town in June following the re­tirement of longtime building commissioner Ed John­son.

“The [former] building commissioner was previously on the committee, and the knowledge of the enforcement side is valuable to the committee,” said member Todd John­son, the current chair of the zoning bylaw committee.

The board made board and committee appointments. The board appoint­ed Timothy Swett, Dani­elle Corsino and Mark Krat­man to the economic de­velopment committee; Krat­man was formerly the selectmen’s representative to the committee.

The board appointed Ja­cob Brothers to the local housing partnership. The board appointed Shana Abbott, Mary Buonanno, David Crisci, Sarah Man­chester, Colin McNaught, Angela Crane, and Diane Casazza to the Massachu­setts Cultural Council, with two open seats remaining.

The board appointed John Buckley to the open space and recreation plan committee. The board ap­pointed Arafat Akbar, Bar­bara Chappie, Erin Knyff, Renee Reyer, and Kara Sennott to the public events and celebration committee.

The board appointed Cor­ey Sherbino, Maria Sandra Schram, and Ashley Lynne Turner to the beautification committee. The board appointed Kayla Biagioni-Smith to serve as resident at-large on the North Street & Trahan reuse committee.

The board appointed Jo­seph Cary to the Zoning Board of Appeals as an associate member.

The board appointed Town Accountant Al Rego as a records access officer.

Montuori reported to the board that 2020 Census data has been partially released. The town’s population increased by ap­proximately 2,300 people (8.2 percent). The number of housing units in­creased by 6.8 percent from 2010.

Montuori said that Town Clerk Denise Graffeo will present a new precinct plan for voting; precincts cannot exceed more than 4,000 residents, so a new precinct will be added with reapportionment.

Montuori added that the town will be flushing hy­drants over the next 8-10 weeks.

Montuori also informed the board that the Hano­ver Company has submitted a Chapter 40B project proposal to the state for 300 Ames Pond Road; the town will have until Oct. 13 to provide input on the application.

Montuori asked several town committees to send comments to his office to be included in a letter to the state, and suggested that the board put together a special meeting to compile the requests.

Wellman asked the town manager to set up a webpage for residents to submit comments. While not a public hearing, chairman Jay Kelly allowed residents to ask questions or share comments with the board “because I’m a rule breaker,” he said.

In committee updates, members Johnson and Mackey shared that the zoning bylaw committee is working on revising the zoning bylaw for spring Town Meeting. Stronach said that the local housing partnership has not re­ceived any bids for a consultant.

[author’s note: in July, the board voted to approve an expenditure of $30,000 out of the town’s local hou­sing trust fund to pay the first year of an estimated three years in consultant’s fees to handle paperwork and approvals with state and local housing departments. LHP chair Nancy Reed said the committee did not have set goals for the position but would discuss opportunities once a consultant was hired]

Wellman thanked the police and fire departments for attending and presenting the annual 9/11 memorial ceremony at the Tewksbury Public Library.

The next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 28, 2021. Residents may find the meeting agenda on the town website. The meeting may be viewed on Com­­cast channel 99 and Veri­zon channel 33.

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