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TEWKSBURY — Among the new vendors at this week’s Tewksbury Com­munity Market at the Tewksbury Public Libra­ry was Cookie Monstah, a food truck specializing in homemade cookies and cookie-ice cream sandwiches.

Cookie Monstah is the product of owner Missy Gale’s lifelong passion for baking. After graduating from Boston Uni­ver­sity, Gale sold her des­serts to a variety of local restaurants before opening her own retail bakery at Filene’s named Dessert Oasis. After clo­sing the bakery, Gale spent eight years working in management be­fore returning to baking full time.

Gale’s return to baking was inspired in part by her pursuit for the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

“I often drove from Bos­ton up to the North Shore pondering where I could stop and indulge on that ideal cookie. It had to be fresh, it had to be from scratch,” she said on her website. “Flew to Chica­go, drove to NYC, mail ordered from LA, strolled farmers markets. Friends and family told me my cookies could beat any, bar none.”

And thus, Cookie Mon­stah was born. Featured on the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations and NBC Boston, Cookie Monstah offers a variety of cookies, including classic flavors, like chocolate chip, as well as unique ones, such as s’mores and oreo-stuffed. Customers can create a custom ice cream sandwich using their choice of cookie and Richardson's ice cream flavor.

To learn more about Cookie Monstah’s products, as well as where they will be next, visit their website or their Facebook page: The Cookie Monstah.

The Tewksbury Com­mu­nity Market will have its final market of the season at the Tewksbury Public Library on Tues­day Sept. 22 from 4 to 7 p.m.

With any questions re­garding the Community Market, contact Commu­nity Outreach Librarian Robert Hayes by phone at 978-640-4490 x205 or through email at For general Market updates, visit the Tewksbury Com­munity Market Face­book page, or their website

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