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TEWKSBURY — At a recent Tewksbury Com­mu­nity Market, one of the 19 vendors present was My Scrubs Don’t Suck, a business specializing in handmade, made to order, luxury sugar scrubs.

Owned and operated by Holden Babson, a New Jer­sey native, My Scrubs Don’t Suck was born through late night experimentation. Inspired to try making his first sugar scrub after seeing a Face­book video tutorial, Bab­son’s friends and family liked the outcome so much, he began making them on a larger scale.

Working to combat aging as well as refresh, brighten, and exfoliate skin, My Scrubs Don’t Suck offers a wide variety of scents for all ages and genders, of­fering a men’s line as well as a kid’s line of product in addition to the regular stock. Scents vary from desserts to fruit to florals and more. Recently, a beard scrub was launched as a new product, working to exfoliate skin while si­multaneously conditioning the beard itself.

To learn more about My Scrubs Don’t Suck or to inquire about placing an order, visit them at or on Facebook at My Scrubs Don’t Suck. Online orders can be placed at They will also be in attendance at the next Tewks­bury Community Market to shop in person.

This week, the Tewks­bury Community Market took the week off for the state primary elections, as the library serves as a polling location.

The market will resume on Tuesday, Sept. 8, and it will operate through the in-person model at the Tewksbury Public Li­bra­ry every Tuesday from 4 to 7 p.m. until Sept. 22.

With any questions re­garding the Commu­nity Market, contact Com­mu­nity Outreach Li­brarian Robert Hayes by phone at 978-640-4490 x205 or through email at For general Market up­dates, visit the Community Mar­ket Facebook page, or their website

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