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TEWKSBURY — Eric Griffin, who was arraign­ed and charged on Sept. 16 for assault and battery on a household or family member in connection with a suspicious death, has since been scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on Oct. 25. The Tewksbury na­tive, 39, was held and brought back to court after his arraignment for a detention hearing on Friday, Sept. 20.

Griffin was first arrested on Sept. 15 without incident after a 39-year-old fe­male was found unresponsive in bed in an apartment complex on Arch­stone Avenue in Tewks­bury. A statement from Middlesex District Attor­ney Marian Ryan and Tewksbury Chief of Police Timothy Sheehan confirmed that the victim had suffered injuries corresponding with a physical assault and that she was declared dead at the scene.

Griffin was charged the following day in front of Judge Ellen Caulo, wherein the next hearing was set. The defendant was then held without bail per the judge’s ruling.

According to the court clerk’s office at Lowell District Court, the next hearing would be considered a 58A dangerousness hearing. This was a hearing in which there was believed to be evidence that any release of the defendant would not assure the safety of others or the community. In a dangerousness hearing, the judge considers the defendant’s history, record, and reputation and the danger posed to the community should they be re­leased.

On Sept. 20, Robert Normandin represented the defendant. The clerk’s office said that Judge Frank Second ruled as follows: Griffin would be held without bail and then return to court for a pre-trial hearing on Oct. 25. While the case information was previously public record, Judge Second closed the files at the request of the defendant.

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