Lori Carriere of Tewksbury checks out the items at the Tewksbury Farm and Market pop up craft fair

Lori Carriere of Tewksbury checks out the items at the Tewksbury Farm and Market pop up craft fair. Local vendors are bringing their items to the residents via the Main Street location near Papa Gino’s and Ocean State Job Lot. (Paige Impink photo)

TEWKSBURY — Just in time for the holidays, the Tewksbury Farm and Craft Market has open­ed, showcasing crafters and vendors from the area. Open every day, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., and located in the old Dollar Valley location between Papa Gino’s and Ocean State Job Lot at 553 Main St., this is the second time that the market has used this location.

The brainchild of Tewks­bury Honey’s Julie Kelley, in collaboration with Joe and Terry Pino of Bitter­sweet Herb Farm and Ter­ry Pino Designs of Wil­mington, the market will be open every day until Christmas, except for Thanksgiving Day.

According to Kelley, “Last year, when everything, including all our holiday vendor events were closed, we had the idea to bring all our crafting friends together to create a ‘Spirit Hal­loween’ for crafts,” referring to the temporary retail location model.

Local crafters are bring­ing a range of items in­cluding knit hats and scarves, wreaths, maple syrup, items for children, ornaments, woodcrafts and more. During this busy crafting season, many vendors are split between shows and the popup market.

“There’s a real appetite for handmade items,” said Pino, pleased with the recent Applefest at Tewksbury Memorial High School and the Castleberry Fairs in Wil­mington.

“There are shows all over the state, but it’s nice to have this local option for people,” Pino added.

The space is open with wide aisles. Vendors will accept credit cards, cash, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Shoppers are asked to bring their own bags, though bags are available.

Kelley really likes the “shop local” vibe the mar­ket offers.

“We were lucky to find someone who would rent to us short-term (many of the places we called would not consider a short-term lease). We set it up like a craft fair, but with a central checkout so that vendors did not need to be present. It was a huge success, we had so much support from both vendors and customers that we decided to try it out again this year!”

For more information about vendors, visit www.tewksburyfarmandcraft.com.

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