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TEWKSBURY — The School Com­mittee met last Wednesday to recognize several high-achieving students and major accomplishments in the district.

The committee first recognized the 2019 Tewksbury Pub­lic School retirees.

“We’ll be honoring… their long-term service to students of Tewks­bury,” said superintendent Chris Malone.

The committee honored Deb Bueh­ler, Robyn Hakala, Anna Gau­dette, Eileen Weiss, Elaine Walsh, Laurie Angelo, Karen Gillotte, Janice LaRo­que, and Elaine Sper­os.

The committee then recognized the Wynn Middle School’s second place win at the Greater Lowell Regional Knowledge Bowl: John­ny Ba­ker, Albert Bosworth, Mor­gan Crowley, Jayden Dona­her, Ma­son Haines, Anirudhh Harlal­ka, Peter Impink, Jas­mine Jo­han­sen, Sarah Jo­han­sen, Owen Kin­non, Kim­san Nguyen, Harshit Pal, Da­vid Penney, and Olivia Ward, under the direction of Tim Olevsky.

The committee also recognized the Wynn math team’s second place finish in the In­termediate Math League. Its members in­clude Johnny Baker, Cian Daw­son, Jayden Donaher, Edward Doyle, An­irudhh Harlalka, Han­nah Kwartler, Renuka Late, Da­kota Malizia, Jessica Mar­quis, Darya Mehrabani, Pou­riya Meh­rabani, Kimsan Ngu­y­en, Harshit Pal, Chris­tian Quieroga, Katerina Schille, Methun Thayaapar­an, George Zackular, Randy Zacku­lar, and advisors Dan Shao and Amanda Webb.

The committee acknowledged Emily Carriere, Wil­liam Eskenas, Megan Haley, and Will Skaaland, who laid a wreath at Arlington Na­tional Cemetery during the Wynn Middle School Wash­ing­ton D.C. trip.

“Through an essay contest, [these students] wrote about why it is important to honor those who gave their lives for this country,” said Wynn principal John Weir.

Finally, the committee ac­knowledged the Wynn Middle School Drama Club’s gold medal win at the 2019 Mas­sachusetts Educa­tional Thea­ter Guild Middle School Fes­tival for their play titled “An Absolutely True Story (As Told By a Bunch of Lying Li­ars).” The cast and crew include Braden Aylward, Cade Barron, Brooke Bun­yan, Emily Carriere, Darren Castiglione, Giana Ciampa, Aslin Davis, Justin Darrigo, Jack Descouteaux, Sarah Downing, Daniel Franklin, Lindsey Frontain, Marisa Gomes, Ethan Hines, Lindsey Holbrook, Jared Krueger, Vic­toria Lavargna, Maximus Mattuchio, Natalie Mattu­chio, Ryan Murphy, Alexan­der Nagibi, Anthony Nagibi, Kayleigh Nagle, Kimsan Ngu­yen, Sheila Parma, Emma Pelland, Katrina Raymond, An­thony Russo, Matthew Stadtman, Zachary Sullivan, Grace Wade, and Emily Za­dig, along with advisors Jon DiPrima and Amanda Ber­ube.

The committee heard a pre­sentation about 2019-2020 student handbooks at the Ryan School, Wynn Middle School, and TMHS from principals Judi McInnes, John Weir, Andy Long, Kristen Vogel, and Eileen Osborne. Lan­guage in all three handbooks has been updated to be more inclusive and to reflect current issues, including policy on smartwatches as devices. Furthermore, new clauses have been added regarding civil rights and gender equity. The committee approved and accepted the handbooks.

The committee approved a May 2020 trip to Quebec and Montreal for the TMHS In­ternational Club, as well as an April 2020 trip to New York City for the TMHS Fine and Performing Arts Depart­ment.

The committee accepted a donation of $500 to the Dew­ing Elementary School from the Exxon-Mobil Educa­tional Alliance Program through John Sergeant, ma­nager of Tewksbury Mobil, for the purchase of new math and science equipment.

The veteran members of the committee — Dennis Fran­cis, Keith Sullivan, and Jamie Cutelis — who have worked with Malone through the 2018-2019 school year presented the annual superintendent’s evaluation. Through a series of management and leadership standard indicators, Ma­lone was rated as meeting or exceeding the committee’s expectations, and received an overall evaluation of “proficient.”

Parent Maureen Castigli­one came before the com­mit­tee during the resident comment section on behalf of the Special Edu­cation Parents Advisory Committee (SEPAC) to raise concerns over a lack of re­sponse from AlphaBest, the company re­cently hired to run summer and extended day programming, regarding special education students’ needs. The committee took the comments under advisement.

Assistant superintendent Brenda Regan noted that summer reading information and supply lists are available on the school de­partment website. Regan al­so mentioned a service lear­ning project at the Wynn in which students on team 5B worked with Town Manager Richard Montuori to ensure that each Wynn student will receive a reusable, washable water bottle, with the eventual goal of having a bottle refilling station at the school.

The next meeting is scheduled for July 24, 2019.

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