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TEWKSBURY — Each week, the Tewksbury Community Market is held outside the Tewksbury Public Library. In the market’s first few weeks, one vendor present was been Sweet Lydia’s, homemade candy and sweet shop located in downtown Lowell.

Sweet Lydia’s first began through a series of care packages sent to friends, but soon more and more were requested, resulting in the launch of the business. Aside from the Tewksbury Com­mu­nity Market, Sweet Lydia’s also makes appearances at other local markets, such as those in Newburyport, North Reading, Dedham, and Marble­head among others. Additionally, Sweet Lydia’s has also attended the SOWA Open Market in Boston.

Sweet Lydia’s specializes in a large variety of sweet treats. Among their most popular are their gourmet, flavored s’mores, which go far beyond the typical graham cracker-marshmallow-chocolate concoction. Some of the s’mores flavors in­clude raspberry, toasted coconut, and peanut butter. They offer them in a variety of different gift sets, as well as individually.

Aside from the s’mores, they also offer many other products, such as various flavors of candy bars, fudge, hot chocolate, toffee, cara­mels, and more.

After taking Fourth of July week off, the Community Market will be back at the Tewksbury Public Library on Tuesday July 9 from 4 p.m - 7 p.m.

To learn more about Sweet Lydia’s, visit their website at or visit their Face­book page “Sweet Ly­dia’s.”

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