Munro Circle resident Gregg Mann discusses wetland boundaries

Munro Circle resident Gregg Mann discusses wetland boundaries and the location of the ring-road during the Planning Board's site plan special permit hearing for the new elementary school. (Rosalyn Impink photo)

TEWKSBURY — The Planning Board met on Nov. 18. The first order of business was a discussion about Cube Smart. The board denied a bond re­lease request to Cube Smart at 395 Woburn St. on the grounds that the company still has unresolved landscaping issues. No representatives from Cube Smart were present.

The board endorsed an Approval Not Required plan for 1 Mount Joy Road. The lot is going to be subdivided into several lots with equal frontage.

The board reviewed the site plan special permit for the new elementary school project at 135 Plea­sant St. Representatives from management firm CBRE/Heery and Flans­burgh Architects presented the current design plan and described stormwater management solutions; they explained that a ser­ies of subsurface systems will decrease the amount of runoff to abutting properties. Additionally, the de­sign team is hoping to make the existing vernal pool available to classes to be used as a teaching tool.

Several neighbors and community members spoke during the resident comments section. Munro Cir­cle resident Phyllis Giblin raised concerns about the order of construction and asked why the athletic field is being built before the new school. She also took issue with design elements being introduced after the Town Meeting vote last April.

“I feel that transparency... has not been here,” she said.

Resident Theresa Duke­shire mentioned that Tewksbury Public Schools Superintendent Chris Ma­lone had stated at a previous meeting that the district offices will not have enough room in the new administrative wing, and expressed concern that the design lacked “room for growth.”

Chairman Steve Johnson stated that the Planning Board does not handle interior design. A Flans­burgh representative ex­plained that the design does account for a certain percentage of growth; a third floor could be put on top of the administration portion if needed.

Selectwoman Anne Ma­rie Stronach, chair of the ESBC, spoke to the concern about space and said that some personnel would be relocated to other spa­ces in the district.

Resident Keith Robi­chaud asked about snow removal; the representatives explained that they have been working with the Department of Public Works to improve snow storage and plowing by reconfiguring the parking lots to include fewer is­lands. He also inquired about protections for the vernal pool; there will be a 25 foot buffer zone around the pond and an erosion plan for the construction team. The board continued the issue to the next meeting.

The board also continued discussion on a site plan special permit at Burtt Road to the next meeting.

The next meeting is sche­duled for Dec. 16, 2019.

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