Tewksbury's General

General Adlebert Ames (4th from right) moved to Tewksbury after the Civil War. He build the large house that came to be known as Ames Castle (It was recently torn down). Come to the Tewksbury Library on June 29th to learn more about him and other people who shaped Tewksbury.

Article on Gen. Ames visit: http://homenewshere.com/tewksbury_town_crier/news/article_efff977a-3ff3-11e2-ae40-001a4bcf887a.html

The Tewksbury Historical Society will hold its 20th annual meeting on Saturday, June 29th starting at 1:00pm in the Tewksbury Library. The library is not normally open but will be for this special presentation on the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War.

The public is welcome to attend the presentation and the highlight will be an address by David Smith, President of the Greater Boston Round Table of the Civil War. Mr. Smith will talk about the Civil War and how it affected every citizen in Tewksbury and America. Learn about some of Tewksbury's veterans of the Civil War and what happened 150 years ago.

This war was a climax of the passions of the North verse the South that affected families and changed the way America would live even to today, 150 years later.

The clash of the two sides was bitter and caused so many peoples lives to be changed. Mr. Smith's talk will commence approximately at 2:00pm at the Tewksbury Library on Saturday, June 29th.

The Annual Meeting will start at 1:00pm with the 20th Annual Meeting. President David Marcus and Treasurer Ken Mouser will give their annual address on the Society followed by the election of Officers and Board Members.

The Samuel Hunt Award will be given to volunteers Sandra Mouser and Alice Golen for outstanding volunteer service that has highlighted the mission of the Society. These two women have consistently worked in a tireless fashion to help the Society reach the goals of preservation of Tewksbury history. They have helped the Society education people about Tewksbury history and they both have donated artifacts and photographs to our archives, which will help people, research Tewksbury's past.

The Society will exhibit several items from the Civil War era that have been donated to the Society. The Society will serve refreshments after the talk by Mr. Smith and this will allow a social hour for people to mingle and talk about our past 20 years.

Our new President, Kim Zunino will be present to meet Society members and our Society store will sell books and other educational materials for the public's interest. The meeting and presentation is open to the public and admission is free so come and learn about of past from 150 years ago.

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