The Tewksbury Country Club is being sold to Tree House Brewing Company

After 25 years, local developer Marc Ginsburg is selling the Tewksbury Country Club at 1880 Main St. to craft beer makers Tree House Brewing Company. (Rosalyn Impink photo)

TEWSKBURY — Tewksbury will soon be home to one of New England’s largest craft beer op­erations. Last week, Tree House Brewing Company purchased the Tewksbury Country Club at 1880 Main St. from local developer Marc Ginsburg.

Tree House, founded in 2011, plans to convert the club into a beer hall and retail store in 2023 to sell its popular line of locally made craft beers, while maintaining the existing golf course. The company ranks among the top three craft beer operations in New England and the top 10 nationally.

Tree House’s main campus is in Charlton, and the company recently opened new operations in Deerfield and Sandwich, as well as Woodstock, Connecticut. The Tewksbury location will serve Greater Boston and the North Shore.

“We were so delighted to find this property; with its towering timber frame aesthetic, it mimics a property that we would have considered building ourselves,” reads a statement on the company’s website. “In getting to know Marc and his team, and in learning the history of the Club, it was clear that they share the same passion for great experiences and the meticulous attention to detail that we do. We will carry on their legacy with the full vigor and enthusiasm of Tree House Brewing Company.”

The company plans to hire 30 to 50 staff members, and is seeking to continue local philanthropy efforts through “a regionally-specific beer from which 100 percent of the proceeds will be do­nated to regional causes. His­torically, similar initiatives have raised between $40,000-$80,000.”

“Our roots are deep in the fabric of Massachusetts, and more broadly, New England, and calling this gorgeous sliver of the Merrimack Valley home fills us with pride and purpose to do even better on your behalf,” the statement reads. “The long-term vision for Tree House in Tewks­bury is to curate a gathering space for friends, families, and groups to celebrate life and each other. As a gateway to points in the city and recreational activities to the north, we hope to build a cultural destination worthy of the region in which it re­sides.”

Ginsburg called the sale “a big emotional decision — the time felt right,” 25 years after he first purchased the Tew-Mac Airport at the 1880 Main St. site. The pro­perty’s 2022 assessment places its value at $4,955,000. Ginsburg said that Tree House approach­ed him about a month ago, and, after considering the current state of the industry as well as his personal life and future goals for stewardship of the property, he decided to sell.

“I get to go out our way,” he said.

Ginsburg reflected on the na­ture of running a family business in town.

“I am blessed to have my family’s support all these years: my wife, children, daughter-in-law and several nieces all worked there at some point. My father, who dipped every wood shingle in stain when I built the clubhouse, worked there, and my brother also for 23 years.”

Ginsburg also thanked his staff for their dedication.

“I was lucky as a construction guy to be surrounded by such great employees to make me look good in the food and beverage industry!”

Ginsburg is excited for a new type of concept to occupy the property, and is glad that golf will be maintained in the future.

“Tree House is an in­credible brand — we share the same philosophy with staff, client and community,” he said. “We are excited for them and I hope Tewksbury and the surrounding com­mu­nities support them. Their vision is laser fo­cused. It will be fun to see the property transformed without diminishing the core buildings and grounds.”

Ginsburg said that the country club refunded and provided extra compensation to about 35 couples whose weddings had to be canceled to ac­commodate the sale, but added that he is working with the clients to help them find alternative venues.

He is proud to have hosted over 10,000 events, 2,000 weddings, and many fundraisers at the club, and expressed his “ex­treme thankfulness to my family, staff, guests and community.”

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