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The battle against CO­VID-19 continues in Mid­dlesex County, Massa­chusetts, and the country. recently re­leased an updated over­view going over data and number of cases in Massachusetts, overall, in counties, and in different facilities.

The overview was re­leased on April 20, 2020.

Massachusetts has per­formed over 169,398 tests, with 39,643 testing positive. Currently, 10 percent of cases, which is roughly 3,804 cases, are hospitalized, and there have been 1,809 deaths — which many feel is 1,809 deaths too many.

As of April 20, the highest date of confirmed cases was April 12, with 2,615 cases.

20,777, or 54 percent of COVID-19 cases have been female, with 46 per­cent, or 17,434 cases be­ing male.

Middlesex County, which includes towns such as, but not limited to Tewksbury, Wilming­ton, and Lowell, has 9,253 cases, which is roughly 23 percent of the 39,643 cases in Massachusetts.

As of April 20, the day with the most reported deaths in Massachusetts was April 15, with 155 deaths. This results in approximately 8.6 percent of the total 1,809 deaths.

Coronavirus is affecting citizens of each age group. 0-19 year olds make up two percent of the 39,643 total, with 933 cases. Those in their 20’s make up 11 percent, with 4,585 cases. 30-39 year olds, with 5,636 cases, make up 14 percent.

Citizens in their 40’s are closely ahead, with 5,683 cases (also 14 percent). The 50-59 age group is the bracket that has the most cases, with 6,873, or 17 percent. Ci­tizens in their 60’s have a confirmed 5,504 cases, or 13.9 percent. Those in their 70’s have 3,965 ca­ses, which is 10 percent. And those who are 80+ have a confirmed 6,083 cases, which is 15 percent.

The average age of death from COVID-19 is 81. The 80+ age bracket has had 1,144 COVID-19 deaths. Those in their 70’s have had 399 deaths, and 60’s have had 182.

The 50’s age bracket has had 63 deaths, 40’s have had 13, 30’s have had 7, and there has been only one death for citizens in their 20’s. There have been no deaths in anyone in the 0-19 age bracket.

Middlesex County has had 402 deaths of CO­VID-19.

78 percent of those who have lost their lives had underlying or pre-existing conditions, and the split between male and female was 49.6 percent male and 50.6 percent female.

As of April 14, the count and rate of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Tewks­bury (per 100,000) is 129 and 418.96, and Wilming­ton is 140 and 574.40.

In Massachusetts, there are 17,605 residents subject to quarantine, 8,118 who are no longer in quarantine, and 9,487 currently undergoing qua­rantine.

Like the rest of the country, state health ex­perts advise citizens to social distance, stay in­side, and only go out for essentials. As confirmed on April 21, 2020, students statewide will re­main in remote learning for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Citizens are also advised to wash their hands, wear masks when they must go out, and remain six feet away from others while you are out.

If you are sick and believe you may have COVID-19, call your healthcare provider, de­scribe your symptoms, and follow their advice if they believe you should make an appointment at one of the testing sites.

These numbers are re­flective of data collected and updated on April 20, 2020.

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