Town Crier

On Wednesday, May 22nd, the Lowell Police De­partment picked up 23-year-old Conor Cadigan of Tewksbury with charges of armed assault and at­tempted robbery.

Lowell Police Captain James Hodgdon read a report that stated that an armed robbery took place at 6:10pm at 1172 Law­rence Street in Lowell. “The suspect entered the store alone, with his fire­arm in hand,” Hodgdon said. “He demanded that the clerk open the register and the clerk informed him that he couldn’t open the drawer unless there was a sale. The suspect then exited the store.”

After that, the suspect was spotted fleeing the scene by an off-duty police officer. Once he called in the sighting, the Lowell Police started setting up a perimeter around the area where the suspect was seen. From there, they called in the NEMLEC SWAT Team. Within 45 min­utes, members of the NEMLEC SWAT made contact and positively identified Conor Cadigan at 36 Warnock Street in Lowell.

As SWAT arrested Cadi­gan, they recovered a 380 handgun loaded with 8 rounds and 1 in the chamber. They also recovered a bookbag off the suspect, who was arraigned in Lowell District Court on May 23rd. While Hodgdon couldn’t say if Cadigan was being held, he mentioned the possibility of the court establishing a cash bail. This was all of the information that the report from the LPD contained.

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