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TEWKSBURY — Tonight, at 7 p.m. at the Tewksbury Public Library, the Tewks­bury and Wilmington public libraries are hosting a joint event to honor the life and legacy of Representative Jim Miceli almost one year since his passing. This event is the first in a series of local history programming coming from the combination of the two town libraries.

When the Wilmington and Tewksbury libraries got to­gether to brainstorm how they could collaborate on pro­gramming, local history and Jim Miceli both came up naturally.

Tewksbury Library Com­mu­nity Services Librarian and Head of Technical Ser­vices Robert Hayes said, “Our two communities share so much history.”

Their intent is to hold these events focused on local history quarterly and to alternate hosting between the two towns. They also will have help promoting and organizing from the Wilmington His­toric Commission and the Tewksbury Historical Society.

For their first event, Hayes explained that former State Representative Jim Miceli was chosen because of his legacy of dedicated involvement in both towns.

“We wanted to have a program that would celebrate his life and his contributions to the two communities.”

Miceli represented Wil­ming­­ton and Tewksbury at the State House from 1977 until 2018. One year after his death, he’s remembered as a devoted public servant who worked as hard as he could for his constituents.

The panel discussion will feature four speakers: Mar­garet Wilson, Liz Carey, Jay Kelley, and Jay Tighe.

“We wanted two people from Wilmington and two people from Tewksbury who knew [Miceli] during different eras,” Hayes continued. “We also wanted to include two men and two women.”

Wilson was Miceli’s legislative aid; Carey is the wife of his late campaign manager Warren Carey; and Kelley and Tighe are two of his longtime family friends. Steve Bjork is set to moderate the discussion by asking questions that showcase different parts of Miceli’s life.

The Tewksbury Library is expecting a great turnout for the panel discussion to celebrate everything that Miceli has done for Wil­ming­ton and Tewksbury. The event is open and free to everyone.

“We’d love to see residents from both communities come.”

They look forward to welcoming any of Miceli’s past constituents and anyone who wants to learn more about Wilmington and Tewks­bury’s history. The event will also be recorded by Tewksbury Telemedia and shared with Wilmington Community Television for anyone who wants to watch it later or online.

Upcoming local history events include a history of Silver Lake presentation on Monday, June 17 at the Wil­mington library and a panel discussion on the Wil­ming­ton-Tewksbury Thanks­giv­ing Day football game rivalry on Nov. 14.

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