TEWKSBURY — “I love the business and I love what I do,” said John Larsen when discussing his nearly 20 years in Tewksbury.

As the founder and own­er of Well Water Con­nection on Main Street, Larsen has grown his company from a one-person operation in his home to a thriving enterprise that has blossomed into a family endeavor.

Larsen, a Tewksbury resident, is proud of the service he provides and is eager to share his knowledge and expertise.

“I started off in well drilling and now we provide everything to do with water; from filtration to irrigation to whole house systems, includ­ing water softeners and sump pumps,” Larsen said, a 30-year industry veteran.

His company, Well Wa­ter Connection, also provides a host of other ser­vices including radon de­tection and mitigation, system design and management, water qua­lity testing, and arsenic reduction filtration.

As a licensed well pro­vider, Larsen has to follow state guidelines and permitting processes in the numerous communities he serves.

“We cover all of East­ern Massachusetts,” said Larsen, whose business also takes him to southern New Hampshire and into Rhode Island.

Larsen has seen more and more clients looking to improve their properties through the addition of wells. The pandemic has forced people to stay at home and Larsen has seen people interested in becoming self-contained on their properties.

“Especially after 9/11, homeowners were looking to have their own wa­ter supply, whether for watering their lawns or for their own drinking water,” he said.

Larsen also pointed out that rising water and sewer rates in various communities have push­ed customers to call him to put in wells and full drinking water systems.

“Having a well is very cost effective,” said Lar­sen. “Water is expensive.”

Demand has stayed strong, and the company drills artesian, gravel and shallow point wells based on the location, geology and situation. Larsen also said that permitting and inspection requirements vary greatly by community.

Larsen has expanded his business into multiple divisions, including Quality Pump and Supply, Well Water Connection, Well Water Filtration Supply and Rust/Stain Removal and Prevention. The company supports both residential and commercial clients and also performs well water testing.

Said Larsen, “Just because a well is deep does not mean the water is safe,” a common misconception.

The company consults and provides guidance on water quality and can recommend filtration and treatment systems. Larsen explained that good water also leads to better care of the entire home.

“People don’t realize that their appliances perform better when the water is of good quality” he said.

And Larsen’s company is also able to help with rust stains.

“If you ever see a fence or the side of a house with brownish-orange stains, that’s iron,” said Larsen.

His company has a complete line of products that can help quickly, and is launching an online store soon.

And 2020 has brought new opportunity for Lar­sen. Well Water Connec­tion and its affiliated divisions have moved to a new 10,000 square foot facility at 1980 Turnpike St. in North Andover, ex­panding its footprint and looking to bring on more staff.

“My family has joined me,” said Larsen, ex­plain­ing that is his sons and daughter, along with two additional technicians from Tewksbury help him run the business.

Son Jake runs the filtration business and is WQA certified; son Nick runs the hydraulics of the drilling operation, and daughter Sarah helps manage the office, accounting and bookkeeping.

“I never imagined they would all end up working with me, but here we are,” Larsen said proudly.

He’s delighted his children have embraced the business and is pleased they are as dedicated to it as he is.

“We have a lot of fun,” he said.

Larsen wants his customers to know that he appreciates their business and friendship over the years, and that Well Water Connection will continue to support and provide maintenance services. The company will keep its same telephone number, 978-640-6900 and Larsen is looking to hire additional people.

Job applicants may e­mail Tyler@wellwaterconnection.com. The company’s website is www.wellwaterinuse.com and Lar­sen is happy to answer any questions about water is­sues that residents may have.

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