TEWKSBURY — As part of the Tewksbury Pub­lic Library’s series Out­door: Take A Hike Tewks­bury, the library has partnered with the town Open Space and Recreation Plan Commit­tee to provide trail walks on the open space conservation parcels in town.

Walks are guided by Bruce Shick of the Open Space Committee, and supported by Beautifi­cation Committee member and plant/tree expert Kathy MacInnis. The walks are registration-only due to limited parking, but re­sidents are encouraged to explore the parks on their own as well.

On Saturday, June 11, over 30 residents gathered on Rogers Street to enjoy the walk. Shick discussed the history of the park, restoration, and pre­servation efforts.

Member Tom Bran­chaud shared the committee’s Promote A Park initiative, an effort to up­date and enhance information about each park in town and develop ac­tivities such as additional trail walks, wildlife and plant information, and posting of additional pictures and updated maps on the town website.

The committee wants residents to have a strong appreciation for the features of each open space area and to be able to learn more information online prior to a walk or in lieu of a walk for those who may not be able.

Member Karyn Sliva discussed the hobby of geocaching and explain­ed that several of the town’s parks have these little hidden treasures. Many sites also have letterboxes, a cousin to geocaching. Information may be found at geocaching.com or atlasquest.com.

“We want people to get out and enjoy these spa­ces,” said Shick.

The committee has work­ed hard to clean up trails and make the wooded areas accessible. There are rules and regulations that govern the parcels such as no ATVs, which destroy habitat and disturb wildlife, but residents are welcomed to take pictures, walk dogs on leash, and enjoy the pockets of quiet in safe and friendly surroundings.

According to documents from the Tewksbury His­torical Society and the Tewksbury Open Space and Recreation Plan, the parcel encompasses 27.5 acres and was given to the town from the original homestead of Melvin Rog­ers. Rogers was a de­scendent of Timothy Rog­ers, the fifth homesteader in the Town of Tewksbury.

Deeded to the town in 1959, the park has been maintained by volunteers. Criss-crossed by a gas pipe­line right-of-way and a National Grid corridor, this area is a combination of gnarly and rugged deadfalls, rocky outcroppings, young and mature pine forest, and fern swamp.

The walk is part of a 7-hike series: Rogers Park (June 11); Bay Circuit Trail Connection (June 18); Pin­nacle St. Trail (June 25); Chandler Well Fields at Main Entrance (July 9); Tewksbury State Hospital Pines Cemetery (July 16); Chandler Well Fields at Kevin Street (July 23); and Poplar Street Well Fields (July 30).

All hikes are on Satur­days at 10 a.m. Please note there is no hike scheduled for July 2, according to the library website. All guided hikes require registration on the library’s website at tewksburypl.org.

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