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TEWKSBURY — This week, the Tewksbury Com­munity Market welcomed a new vendor to its weekly lineup: Purple Carrot Bread Co.

Based out of Lowell, Pur­ple Carrot Bread Co. specializes in a variety of artisan bread. Owners Doug and Alaina Brackett were inspired to start the business after noticing the lack of homemade bread available locally. While working in different bakeries, Doug was able to hone his breadmaking skills, becoming quite skilled in the process.

After building up a local following by handing out samples at the Mill No. 5 farmers market, they were eventually able to open their own business.

Bread acts as the focal point to the Purple Carrot Bread Co.’s menu; they offer 11 different varieties, many of which are vegan naturally. In addition to bread, Purple Carrot Bread Co. also sells homemade soups, flatbread pizzas, salads, and sandwiches.

Additionally, they also have a variety of pastries, including cookies, brownies, soft pretzels, scones, and croissants. Vegan op­tions are available.

Recently, Purple Carrot Bread Co. was named the Best Bakery and Pastry Shop from readers of Mer­rimack Valley Magazine.

When ordering from Pur­ple Carrot Bread Co. at the Tewksbury Commu­nity Market, customers have the choice of six different kinds of bread, as well as an assortment of pastries. The full Farm Mar­ket Offerings menu can be viewed on their website.

To pre order prior to pickup at the Community Market, visit

The Tewksbury Commu­nity Market will operate through the drive-thru mo­del at the Tewksbury Pub­lic Library every Tues­day from 4 to 7 p.m. until Sept. 22, with hopes to utilize the more traditional market set up later this summer.

With any questions re­garding the Community Market, contact Commu­nity Outreach Librarian Robert Hayes by phone at 978-640-4490 x205 or through email at

For general Market up­dates, visit the Tewksbury Community Market Face­book page, or their website

To learn more about Pur­ple Carrot Bread Co., visit their website, or their Face­book page: Purple Carrot Bread Co.

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