JEFFREY DuFOUR (Courtesy photo)

TEWKSBURY — Jeffrey DuFour is a new candidate for the House of Rep­resentatives 18th Essex District seat on the Nov. 3 ballot for Tewksbury pre­cincts 3 and 3A. DuFour is a Republican candidate running against Democra­tic incumbent Tram Ngu­yen because he believes now is the right time for a candidate like himself.

It’s the perfect time for a Republican to run for this seat, DuFour says, be­cause today’s political climate has made people more willing to stand for their opinions.

Where Republicans in Mas­sachusetts might not have bothered voting be­fore, he sees more people taking action because they feel that their political candidates have gone too far left.

“I think we’ll see that the ratio [of voters] isn’t what it used to be,” he mentioned.

DuFour is looking to provide an alternative to the political candidates who have let down or gone too far for 18th district Massa­chusetts voters.

As his current work is in information systems, he sees his experience as an asset when it comes to finances at the state level.

“We really need to get a focus on balancing our budgets and trying to control taxes. So many people have lost their jobs as a result of COVID and closures. It’s a tough time to put an additional financial burden on anyone,” he con­tinued.

He added that his work with budgets and prioritizing as a project manager will allow him to scrutinize and negotiate with other representatives about what’s most important for his district and the state.

The desire to narrow in on finances comes from his policies on taxes and small businesses.

“You can’t just raise tax­es to get more money at a company… it’s the same thing in government,” he said.

Whereas the incumbent recently voted in favor of the Transportation and Cli­mate Initiative, DuFour wants to focus on tax cuts. He doesn’t want to raise gasoline tax, nor does he support the “millionaire’s tax” or the proposed carbon tax. He wants to aid small businesses because he says that this is the best way to create safe jobs fast while following reopening procedures and guidelines.

Another place where his policy is different from his running mate is police and public safety. He mention­ed how Nguyen voted in support of the police re­form bill. To him it would require more money to make changes and re­quire more training — defunding the police isn’t going to allow for these things.

“Police do have a role and a responsibility,” he said. “If somebody’s doing something wrong, you stand up. When you take it to the next step, smashing windows on Newbury Street, that’s a crime.”

While he agrees that a racist crime was committed against George Floyd and that Black lives do matter, he said that this bill is a reaction to something that may happen in Massachusetts.

DuFour also wants to see more transparency in legislature.

“No back room deals, conversations behind closed doors, or sudden results,” he shared. “I’d think that the legislature should have to follow the same open record law that municipalities have to follow.”

He’s willing to make tough decisions openly and to require others to do the same. He said that being part of the government means not being able to please everyone.

When it comes to CO­VID, this candidate fully supports wearing masks and limiting exposure, but he can’t say whether the limitations have gone too far.

“We may not have known it was an overreaction at the time, because we were working with the information that we had available.”

While flattening the curve was to him about extending the timeline intentionally so as to not exceed the capacity of the healthcare industry, now he’s ready for people to get back to work for the sake of their mental health and the economy.

DuFour has found a lot of support since his primary win on Sept. 1, and he hopes for a strong voter turnout on Nov. 3.

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