Summer tourists have returned to their daily grind at home, but early fall weather still features warm, sunny days, making September the perfect time for a New England seacoast day trip.

A short, one hour car drive north of us is Perkins Cove, located just outside of the center of Ogunquit, ME. Ogun­quit was named by the local Algonquin Indian tribe, meaning “beautiful place by the sea,” and Perkins Cove does not disappoint, offering the perfect seaside day trip.

This favorite spot of fishermen, artist, and summer tourist was originally named Fish Cove. Fishing was originally the major livelihood of the area, but within this area, fishermen’s boats were unprotected from the wrath of strong Atlantic storms.

In an effort to protect their boats, local fishermen dug a channel, and with the help of erosion from Mother Na­ture, the tidewater basin of Fish Cove was born.

As to the name change of Fish Cove, in the 1800’s a fish­­erman named Daniel Perkins and his wife owned a boarding house that overlooked the Cove. They called their boarding house the “Cove House.” Because their boarding house was so successful, a neighbor decided that they, too, would make their home a boarding house, and also called it the “Cove House.”

Mrs. Perkins took offense to this, and changed the name of her boarding house to the “Perkins Cove House,” and as they say, the rest is history. This beautiful Maine landmark is known today as Perkins Cove.

Besides being the home of Ogunquit’s fishing industry, Perkins Cove’s coastal village and scenic harbor be­came a favorite subject for artists and prompted the establishment of the Ogun­quit Art Colony in 1889.

As you look out onto Per­kins Cove, you can see the popular Marginal Way, a historic walking path with a view of the ocean and Per­kins Cove. Also in view is a favorite of many artists, a manually operated, draw footbridge. From atop this footbridge you can capture magnificent views of Per­kins Cove, making this one of the most photographed spots in Maine.

Nestled in the nooks and crannies of Perkins Cove are dozens of quaint gift shops and art galleries, as well as fine and casual dining. Among these you will find the famous Barnacle Bill’s. This restaurant was frequented by former U.S. Pre­sident George Bush, as it is the only restaurant in Per­kins Cove that can be ac­cessed directly from the wa­ter by boat. Barnacle Billy’s is also a favorite spot for former U.S. President Bill Clin­ton, as well as New England Patriot royalty, Tom Brady.

Perhaps you would prefer to catch your own dinner? Perkins Cove is still an ac­tive fishing port, and offers many charter boats for deep sea fishing, or haul in your own lobster traps, allowing you a real hands on experience.

If you prefer to keep your hands “fish free,” there are also many boat excursions you can take for sightseeing experiences only. Charters include whale watching, sailing tours, scenic lighthouse tours, and evening cocktail cruises.

There is also the Ogunquit Trolley Service available. The trolley runs daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. through Col­umbus Day. One way fares are $2 per person, and stop at many sites including Per­kins Cove and area beaches.

Don’t miss out on the last of the beautiful weather, and enjoy all that Perkins Cove has to offer, without the crowds. For information on Ogunquit scenic cruises and fishing boat charters visit

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